AI generated cats

13 AI-Generated Images of Cats You’d Swear Were Made By Incredible Artists

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Tim Seidler

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AI content generators are cranking out stylized and realistic images of just about anything you can imagine these days.

Unsurprisingly, cats are a popular subject matter for people curious to create their own computer generated scenes with just a short description and the click of a button.

Here are some of our favorite completely AI generated images of cats. We’ll add more as we come across them.

1. Cat in Sunglasses Reflecting Fire

cat with fiery sunglasses ai

2. Regal Cat in Top Hat

cat in tophat realistic ai

3. Psychadelic Sad Kitten Laying in Puddle

psychadelic kitten in puddle ai

4. Cartoon Cat in Outerspace Surrounded by Planets

cat in space ai

5. Santa Hugging Cat in City

santa with cat ai

6. VIP Cat Drinking Wine in Robe

cat drinking champaign in robe ai

7. Artsy Hand-Drawn Cat Surrounded by Lights

animated cat in winter ai

8. Stylized Cool Cat Riding Skateboard Down Street

stylized cat riding skateboard ai

9. Backlit Cat Sniffing Flowers in Garden

cat in garden ai

10. Hyper-Realistic Cat Leaping Across Room

realistic leaping cat ai

11. Artistic Cat With Scarf and Bokeh

cute cartoon kitten with scarf ai

12. Realistic Cat Riding Skateboard

realistic cat on skateboard ai

13. Chef Cat Screaming with Fire in Kitchen

AI generated cats

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