Under Construction

We’re in the process of combining content from multiple websites; including KittyCatter.com, PuppyDogger.com and Pawster.com. Things will be messy for a few weeks while we complete the transition, but we expect that the end result will be a more cohesive experience with more opportunities to grow a brand that is meaningful to our visitors and the world.

Founded by Tim Seidler in 2022, EasyPet was conceptualized to be the answer to many of the problems pet parents encounter when seeking health information and product recommendations for their pets.

All too often content is regurgitated from website to website with ghost-writers giving opinions on topics they aren’t qualified to speak on. The facts that pet owners seek are diluted from original sources and even those are usually out of date. In the end the pet owner is left confused and ultimately the pet suffers. We know we can do better.

Our process for creating unique, relevant, and factual information includes 3 points of view; veterinarians, owners, and pets.

Our ultimate goal is to be the only source you think of for truthful, helpful, and interesting pet information. Please let us know if, and when, you disagree with, or disapprove of anything on this website and we’ll immediately address your concerns.

Our Team

Tim Seidler


Sean Green

Dog Expert / Writer

Mallory Crusta​

Cat Expert / Writer

Jennifer Coates

Lead Veterinarian

Jacquelyn Pica


Kate Barrington


Carlotta Cooper


Amanda Yantos


We’re growing!

Right now we’re looking for reliable volunteers to help coordinate growth of our breed sections. If you’re passionate about your dog or cat breed we’d love for you to join us.

There will be opportunities for volunteers to move into paid roles depending on the success of their breed program. Contact Tim for more information.