Akita Pitbull Mix

The Akita Pitbull Mix – An Overview Of This Unique Cross Breed 

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The Akita Pitbull hybrid is growing in popularity among “designer dog breeds.” This article will explore what you can expect from dogs borne of this cross.

We will first take an in-depth look at what you might expect from dogs of this cross, then briefly look at each parent breed.

Read to the end to learn if this is the right breed mix for you and your family.

Akita Mix with Pitbull : A Controversial Designer Breed

Both the Akita and the Pitbull are controversial breeds. They both share a breeding history that includes being bred for dog fighting rings. Unfortunately, in recent history, many mixes of these breeds are being bred deliberately for the cruel, inhumane, and illegal dog fighting rings. Both breeds have a reputation (earned or not) of being potentially dangerously aggressive towards people, children, and other animals.

Some localities in the United States and Europe have banned these breeds and some home insurance policies have restrictions on the ownership of either breed, making crosses untenable for many homeowners.

On the other hand, lovers of both breeds argue that the aggressive reputation of these breeds is unfair, and that proper training and care gives these mixed breeds a chance to showcase their undying love and loyalty to their family.

Characteristics of the Pitbull Akita Mix

Akita Pitbull Mix

Size & Appearance

The Akita and Pitbull mix can show a wide variation in size, largely due to the variation in the Pitbull breed. The best way to know for sure the likely size of a puppy of this hybrid is to average the size of the parents.

In general, expect a medium to large sized dog (weighing 40-70 pounds with a height of 18”-23”) who has a well-developed muscular physique and dense bones. `

A wide range of colors is possible among this hybrid including solid colors (red, brown, blue, black), fawn, and brindle are among the most usual color combinations. Grooming tends to be easy to medium as the double coat of the Akita can present grooming and shedding challenges in some dogs of this type.


Knowing that both the parent breeds have a bad reputation for aggression (deserved or not) means that special care needs to be taken to provide these dogs with the socialization and confidence they need to thrive around other pets, children, dogs and adult people.

However, they can make excellent family guardians given their loyal dispositions. They Akita Pit mix is ideal for families that have experience working with dogs who seek a loyal companion who will provide protection if needed.

These dogs can be difficult to train, especially if training is inconsistent. They can have an independent streak that sometimes leads to them being unreliable, particularly under stress or when overstimulated. Strong leadership and consistent training for the life of the dog is highly recommended.

Children & Other Pets

Highly affectionate, these mixed breed dogs tend to bond deeply with their owners, especially children (as long as they are old enough to understand how to provide consistent leadership). However, even under the best of circumstances, they may not fit well in households with small pets such as cats or ferrets who are likely to trigger the strong prey drives of the parent breeds.

As with all other dog breeds, early socialization and exposure to a variety of different situations, other animals, and people from outside the family is key to developing a balanced and confident dog. If a Pit Akita mix is not introduced to people outside the home and taught that they are not necessarily a threat, they can become dangerously overprotective and hyper vigilant towards strangers.

pitbull akita mixed breed

Health & Life Expectancy

Overall, the cross between the Pitbull and Akita tends to be a relatively healthy dog breed with few congenital problems. This is partially because the parent breeds have been developed completely separately, making stock from the mix less prone to inherited disease.

However, there are a few conditions that may pop up more than others for this mix, including:

  • Hip and elbow dysplasia which means investing in a Pitbull dog bed is important
  • Certain types of cancer including Lymphoma or lymphosarcoma
  • Eye disorders such as Progressive Renal Atrophy and Microphthalmia (the Akita line should be tested for these before breeding)
  • Congenital heart issues
  • Seizures (either epileptic or idiopathic)

The Pitbull Akita Mix Parent Breed Preview

In order to understand mixed breeds, the first step is to learn about the characteristics found in the parent breeds. Below we will explore a brief review of what each breed is most known for.



Officially the term Pitbull refers to the American Staffordshire Terrier, however, in practice the term Pitbull is used for a large range of dogs from the bully family.

The Pitbull is one of those love them or hate them breeds. Lovers of the breed rightly claim that this breed is capable of some of the most affectionate and loving behavior when these dogs are given a chance to develop confidence and trust with people and other pets.

However, detractors of the breed point to their long history of being bred to fight other dogs and even hunt other animals such as bears and lions (and in the current context, wild boar) as a reason to treat the breed with extreme caution.

Because they are so powerful, Pitbulls that become aggressive due to poor training, abuse, or poor socialization and can be quite dangerous. They are not a good breed for novice owners.

Other Pitbull Mix Dogs:

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Pro Tip: Invest in a Pitbull Cage/Crate  when they’re a puppy to improve impulse control

This breed has a strong desire to please. This makes them quite responsive to positive training methods. Owners of the breed will find that they can learn all sorts of tricks and behaviors very quickly with both food and praise working equally well as training motivators.


two akitas standing

The Akita breed has its origins in 17th century Japan where it was bred by noblemen for its ability to fiercely hunt large game such as deer, wild boar, and even bears. Dense bone structure, a thick skull, and a fearless prey drive were all deeply valued as traits for early breeding stock.

The Akita Inu remains a very special breed for the Japanese people and modern breeding clubs have worked on stabilizing the temperament, loyalty, and biddability of the breed as it is a beloved family dog for many.

The modern Akita is known for its deep affection and loyalty to its family. They are very clean dogs, often grooming themselves like cats. And, they have a reputation for being absolutely silly, doing just about anything to get a laugh and affection from their people.

However, the Akita still retains a strong prey drive, meaning that other pets are often out of the question for Akita households. They can be quite headstrong and independent which presents some training challenges. And, they can be overly protective and territorial, particularly if handled by novice owners.

Akita Pitbull Mix Puppies: Adoption & Training Tips

Akita Pitbull Puppy

If you have decided that the Pit/Akita hybrid breed is right for you, then the first thing to consider is how to responsibly adopt or purchase a Pitbull Akita puppy or adult dog.

Tips to adopting or purchasing an Akita/Pit crossbreed responsibly:

  • Many of these mixes are surrendered to animal shelters where they are in need of a second chance home. Contact your local animal shelter to learn more.
  • Breed rescue organizations for both Pitbulls and Akitas exist where lovers of the breeds work tirelessly to find homes for these dogs who are often rescued from dog fighting rings or get trapped in the animal rescue system.
  • Do your research before buying a puppy that you may find online since the sale of this mix of puppy may be a way of funding dog fighting rings. Look for breeders that have won awards for confirmation of either or both breeds in official organizations such as the AKC.
  • Before purchasing a puppy, ask to tour the breeding facility or kennel. If you are not allowed to meet the parents and see the conditions in which the puppies are raised, it is a major red flag that the breeders have something to hide.

Given the potentially aggressive nature of both of these powerful breeds of dogs, proper training from early on in a puppy’s life is essential for a balanced and reliable adult dog of this cross breed.

Training Tips for Your Akita and Pitbull Mix Puppy:

  • Early socialization with children, other pets, and other dogs in particular is critical for giving your puppy a chance to feel safe, confident, and well-mannered as an adult. Take your puppy everywhere and reward generously for appropriate behavior around others.
  • It is critical to learn the basics of positive reinforcement based dog training before owning potentially dangerous and aggressive dog breeds. Take the time to learn more about clicker training and consider enrolling in a puppy training class if you are a novice.
  • If you notice signs of aggression or territorial behavior, get a professional animal behaviorist to help address these problems as soon as possible as they tend to get worse over time.
  • Plan to provide ample opportunities to exercise your puppy with games of fetch, tug, jogging, or swimming.
  • Make sure to get durable toys for your Pit/Akita mix puppy so they can exercise their need to chew.
  • Rather than training your dog on a pitbull collar, we recommend getting this breed used to a Pitbull dog harness right from the start so that you can have more control when walking around other people and pets.
Pitbull Akita Laying Down

Is the Pitbull Akita Mixed Breed Dog Right for You?

Finally, here at WileyPup, we want to help you decide if hybrid breeds such as the Pit/Akita mix are right for you. Read on to find out if this mix is in your future:

A Pitbull Akita mix might be a great fit if you:

  • Have experience providing strong leadership for a strong willed canine companion.
  • Understand the causes of canine aggression and are prepared to make sure your dog stays mentally balanced and confident.
  • Know the basics of positive training methods and are prepared to use them for the lifetime of your dog.
  • Are able to provide adequate exercise and mental stimulation to keep these loyal and people centered dogs occupied and challenged.
  • Are looking for a family protector who will step up to identify and even challenge threats such as wildlife or intruders.
  • Seek a “people focused” dog who will develop a strong bond with your family.

A Pitbull Akita mix is probably NOT a great fit if you:

  • Work long hours and plan to leave your dog home alone most of the time.
  • Are unable to provide consistent leadership and training.
  • Have small animals such as cats, ferrets, or birds in your home.
  • Have small children who can often be unpredictable around dogs.
  • Are unable to provide adequate exercise or socialization for your Pitbull Akita crossbreed.
  • Have little experience with dog ownership.
  • Are unsure of your ability to make a long term commitment to dog ownership.
  • Have a home insurance policy or live in a locality that restricts ownership of either of these breeds.


Are they aggressive?

Both breeds can become dangerously aggressive if abused, neglected, or poorly socialized.

Can they be kept with children?

Many owners of the breed claim that this mix is especially loyal and protective of children, however, supervision with small children is always recommended.

Can they be kept with other small animals?

It is recommended that puppies of this breed are introduced to other small animals as companions early on. Introducing an adult of this breed to a household with small pets is generally not recommended as they tend to have a very strong prey drive.

Do they make good guard dogs?

Yes, in general this is an excellent mix for the duties of a guard dog. However, with abusive neglect (such as being kept chained to a confined area) these dogs will undoubtedly develop distrust for people and other dogs and become dangerously aggressive to both.

Are these dogs used for dog fighting?

Yes. That is why it is critical to do your research before purchasing them for a breeder or from the adoption section of your local paper or online personals. Funds used from selling these pups may be funding illegal dogfighting rings in your area.

Are these dogs available for adoption?

Yes. Check with your local rescue organizations and shelters. In addition, breed rescue clubs for both breeds help to find loving homes for Pitbull Akita cross bred dogs.

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