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Best Beef Dog Food : 8 Healthiest Pet-Tested Recipes That Include Beef

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Whether you’re switching up your current beef recipe, trying to address an allergy issue, or projecting your love for cow-based foods onto your beloved pooch – there are some really good brands serving up beef.

We could go on for hours naming beef dog foods, but our mission is to help dog owners find the healthiest meals for their pets. That’s why we’ve broken down the best beef dog foods by popular categories; helping you get on your way with a great food – fast.

Selecting a Good Beef Dog Food – Our Criteria

  • Quality Beef : Great dog food starts with real meats and balanced nutrition. If the first 5 ingredients don’t include named beef products then they’re ineligible. Beef by-product doesn’t count because it’s not the good bits.
  • Budget : Not everyone can afford super premium dog food and we know that. When competing recipes are nutritionally similar we list the cheapest option.
  • Preference : Unlike other lists we actually have real dogs taste testing recipes on the regular. The beef options below are preferred by our dog volunteers.

What Is The Best Beef Dog Food?

Ollie Fresh Beef w/ Sweet Potatoes

Editor’s Choice

Ollie dog food is a fresh-frozen soft meal tailored to your dog’s weight, activity level and food sensitivities. It is a super-premium recipe made from human-grade ingredients – chock full of healthy proteins and nutritious vegetables



Super Premium

Delivered To Your Door


Great Taste

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Ollie Fresh Beef Dish w/ Sweet Potatoes

Our Rating6 Stars
Average Price$6.24/day
First 5 IngredientsBeef, Carrots, Beef Kidneys, Potatoes, Peas
Guaranteed AnalysisProtein (min 9%), Fat (min 7%), Fiber (max 2%), Moisture (Max 72%)
ProsDelivered fresh to your door, Catered to your dog’s calorie needs, Made with high-quality ingredients, No artificially preservatives, Made in the USA
ConsVery expensive, limited number of recipes to choose from
Best ForMedium Breeds, Weight Control, Sensitive Stomach, Allergies

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Ollie Fresh Beef Dish w/ Sweet Potatoes

Super Premium Food: If you’re in the market for the best dog food money can buy, Ollie deserves to be on the list. This company delivers fresh dog food right to your door, so you can give your Akita the best diet possible. You simply fill out a profile online then choose a recipe (we suggest beef). From there, Ollie develops a custom diet for your dog based on his calorie requirements and delivers the food fresh to your door each and every week. The quality of this dog food is hard to beat, but it does come with a hefty price tag. You can also rest easy knowing that there are no artificial ingredients or preservatives.

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Maev Raw Beef Recipe for Hip & Joint

Best Raw Beef Dog Food

The beef hip and joint dog food offered by Maeve is a specialized product designed to support joint health in dogs. Made with real beef and other wholesome ingredients, this dog food aims to provide essential nutrients and promote overall joint function. It is part of Maeve’s raw food line, which emphasizes a natural and minimally processed approach to pet nutrition.

Flash Frozen

Vet Formulated

Super Premium

AAFCO Approved

Whole Ingredients

Great Taste

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Maev Raw Beef Recipe for Hip & Joint

Our Rating6 Stars
Average Price$8.95/day
First 5 IngredientsUSDA Beef, USDA Beef Liver, USDA Beef Sweetbreads, Potato, Green Beans
Guaranteed AnalysisDry Matter Basis: Protein (min 43.5%), Fat (min 18.8%), Fiber (max 6.45%)
ProsDelivered fresh to your door, Human Grade USDA, Made in the USA
ConsVery expensive, Picky eaters may be selective about some ingredients
Best ForLarge Breeds, Weight Control, Sensitive Stomach, Allergies

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The Farmer’s Dog Beef Recipe

Best Fresh Beef Dog Food

Farmer’s Dog Food offers several notable benefits for pet owners seeking a high-quality and nutritious diet for their furry companions. Firstly, the fresh frozen format ensures that the food retains its natural flavors, nutrients, and texture, providing a satisfying and palatable meal for dogs. The use of human-grade, whole food ingredients promotes optimal health and well-being, as it avoids the inclusion of artificial additives, preservatives, or fillers commonly found in commercial pet foods.

Vet Formulated

Whole Ingredients

Fresh Frozen


Home Delivery


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The Farmer’s Dog Beef Recipe

Our Rating6 Stars
Average Price$7.65/day
First 5 IngredientsUSDA Beef, Sweet Potato, Lentils, Carrot, USDA Beef Liver
Guaranteed AnalysisProtein (min 41%), Fat (min 31%), Fiber (max 3%)
TypeFresh (Frozen)
Key FeaturesSuper Premium, Whole Ingredients, Customized, Home Delivery
Best ForYeast Free, Hypothyroidism, Anal Gland Problems, Grain Free

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The Farmer’s Dog Beef Recipe

The individual portion packaging of The Farmer’s Dog ensures portion control and eliminates the need for measuring or guessing serving sizes. This convenient approach simplifies feeding routines and reduces the risk of overfeeding. Furthermore, The Farmer’s Dog food formula undergoes rigorous quality control measures to ensure food safety, giving pet owners peace of mind. Overall, the benefits of The Farmer’s Dog recipes lie in its high-quality ingredients, palatability, portion control, and commitment to providing a safe and nutritious diet for dogs.

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acana red meat recipe

Premium | Dry

Acana Red Meat Raw-Ranch Raised Beef Recipe

Get 35% Off on Autoship

merrick beef sweet potato

Most Popular | Dry

Merrick Real Texas Beef w/ Sweet Potatoes

american journey beef sweet potato

Affordable | Dry

American Journey Beef w/ Sweet Potato

nulo beef with apples freeze dried

Freeze-Dried | Raw

Nulo Freestyle Beef Recipe w/ Apples

stella chewy beef meal topper

Meal Topper | Freeze-Dried

Stella & Chewy’s Super Beef Meal Mixers

Why Feed Your Dog Beef?

Allergies & Stomach Sensitivities

The most common reason to consider a beef specific recipe is because your dog is experiencing allergies or tummy troubles with recipes containing other types of meat.

The best way to identify and overcome food-related irritants is to look for alternatives to the main ingredients in your dog’s original food. This usually means not only swapping the main protein source, but considering an L.I.D. recipe that limits the ingredients to the bare minimum for quality nutrition.

Though there are many dry foods that label themselves as limited ingredient, we think moving to a fresh food is the way to go. These dog foods are inherently healthier and naturally come with less fillers, preservatives, and excess ingredients.


It may very well be that your dog is a picky eater. If this is the case and they seem to have a hankerin’ for beef dog food then there’s no good reason to deny them.

Beef contains protein, and lots of it.

If you have the budget for it some of the more premium options go heavy on the beef and provide a very nutritional meal that surpasses most other types of meat.

Is beef good for dogs?

Beef can be a good source of protein and nutrients for dogs when it is included in their diet in appropriate amounts. Protein is important for maintaining muscle mass and supporting the growth and repair of tissues in dogs. Beef also contains essential amino acids, iron, zinc, and B vitamins, which are all important for overall health.

Additionally, it’s important to ensure that any beef given to a dog is cooked thoroughly and free from any bones, as bones can pose a choking hazard and may splinter and cause internal damage.

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