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Best Cat Litter Scoop : 4 Scoops Rise To The Top After Our Product Testing

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Owning a cat isn’t always a breeze. Every cat owner knows that sometimes we have to get down and dirty. It’s a plain fact that when taking care of your cat’s “business”, you have to hunker down over the box and scoop out the icky stuff by hand. While not the most glamorous moment of cat ownership, your cat will definitely love you all the more for it.

Nobody likes a dirty litter box, and especially not your cat. Plus, letting a soiled cat box sit around encompasses a slew of health hazards for both you and your pets. This is a major doo-doo don’t. From fungal infections to parasitic viruses, several serious risks brew in a dirty litter box. This makes the act of cleaning out the litter a noble, thankless task.

More often than not you can make the experience easier by selecting the right litter scoop. Not all cats are the same, however, so to pull this off you need to pay close attention to your cat’s specific needs. The size, material type, litter type, the length of the handle, and even the width of the holes are all important considerations when making your choice.

Does this seem at all a little overwhelming? Well, hold your nose because we’re going deep to unlock the secrets to finding the best cat litter scoop out there.

What’s the Best Cat Litter Scoop?

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With these facts in mind, let’s dig through the top four maximum-value cat litter scoops. However, each option comes with its own set of drawbacks, so it’s crucial to take those into consideration before landing on a winner.

DurAnimals DuraScoop Original Cat Litter Scoop

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The DurAnimals DuraScoop is a tried and true option that provides reliable value for any cat owner. Made of cast aluminum, the extra durable scoop digs through the thickest and heaviest of litter types without breaking or bending. While many litter scoops on the market function primarily as a sifting device, this is a bonafide digging tool.

No bending means no flicking or recoil. This means you will never have to worry about dirty cat litter being flung across the room. This makes the DuraScoop a favorite among those looking to keep both their cat box and their cat room neat and tidy.

This fun little scoop comes in a wide range of color options too, so you won’t have to worry about settling for something plain and boring. Be aware, though, this scoop has large holes. While this makes it a smart choice for both digging and sifting, it may not be ideal for finer or non-clumping cat litters.


  • Super durable aluminum design, no bending or straining
  • Comes in many different color options for personalization
  • Comfy, ergonomic grip perfectly contours to hand


  • Large holes can make cleaning difficult for fine litter types
  • Metallic build makes for a heavier handle

iPrimio Sifter with Non-Stick Litter Scooper

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Lastly, the iPrimio Sifter is the ultimate all-around choice for getting the most of your scooper. This little thing simply has it all. From its chic design, ergonomic build, and dual plastic and aluminum composition, to its bundled wall hanger, the iPrimio Sifter is the total package.

Looking for a scooper you will never have to replace? Look no further than the iPrimio, a buy-it-for-life option that comes with everything any cat owner would need to look after its box. Unlike rival scoops, this model provides users with the best of both worlds by combining the durability of an aluminum core with a sleek plastic finish. Plus, it’s coated in Teflon which repels wetness like urine and ammonia from the material.

The iPrimio can only be described as a super scoop. From the minute you pull it from the box you will notice the reinforced metal is completely resistant to bending or straining. The front edge of the scoop is doubly reinforced to guarantee a no-fling clean up job. Not to mention the deep mouth and adaptable mid-size slots that make it a formidable choice for any cat or litter type. Is there anything this scoop doesn’t offer?

The only discernible downside is its cleanability. Like many plastic designs, you will have to be diligent when it comes to wiping down the scoop every so often. This design has a tendency to attract sticky bits of litter, so be mindful when hanging it back up on the wall.


  • Aesthetic and ergonomic-minded design
  • Comes with wall hanger for easy access and storage
  • Perfect hole size, not too big nor small
  • Solid aluminum core affords extra durability


  • More difficult to clean, litter tends to stick on
  • Slightly heavier than plastic models

Cats Rule Stand Up & Scoop Extendable Litter Scoop

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The Cats Rule Stand Up & Scoop Extendable Litter Scoop is a behemoth of a litter scoop. This long-handled beast stands to a mighty 32.75 inches in height, which means cleaning the cat box doesn’t have to be a back breaking task. Enjoy the convenience of staying perfectly upright while the all-aluminum scoop does all the dirty work for you.

While not as lightweight as plastic options, this model only weighs in at about a pound. This means you will be able to easily wield it while you go about your daily cat box routine.

Unlike others, this model comes with a slight learning curve. You will have to refine your technique when it comes to extending the scoop to your desired height. Locking in the extension can also be an arduous task, so make sure you take your time with learning the ins-and-outs of the scoop.

The luxury of not having to bend over while going about our cleaning chores is a privilege not many of us can say we enjoy. But with the Cats Rule Extendable Litter Scoop, it can be a reality. This makes Cats Rule the ideal choice for the elderly, or those with sensitive back or spinal issues.


  • Built to last multiple years of heavy use
  • Perfect for multi-cat households or large cats
  • Wide holes make for easy sifting


  • Not as lightweight as plastic alternatives
  • Slightly clunky, finicky extender feature
  • Not a very deep scoop

Van Ness Litter Scoop

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Van Ness’s Litter Scoop is a no-nonsense scoop option for cat owners on a tight budget. Priced at just over a dollar, this scoop provides maximum value while not settling for a cheap-o build. Its hand-polished finish is built to be odor resistant, and to eliminate unpleasant scents that may cling to the plastic.

As a budget option, this scoop has had some minor issues with paint chipping. To boot, the plastic is thin in comparison to competitor models and therefore may not hold up very well to thick, heavy litters. This makes the Van Ness Litter Scoop the right choice for smaller cats, but you may want a more heavy-duty option for large cats or multi-cat households.

The Van Ness is a classic, plain and simple. Reinforced with high impact plastic, the scoop is designed to resist bending at multiple pressure points. While likely not to last you a lifetime, Van Ness’s Litter Scoop should be a no-brainer if value is your primary consideration.


  • Excellent budget option at just over $1.00
  • Simple to clean, just spray and wipe
  • Made in the USA with high impact plastic materials
  • Ideal for smaller cats


  • All-plastic design is prone to bending
  • Less than ideal for digging through heavy, thick litters

Get the Scoop

Let’s dig in and find out what makes the perfect scoop. Better yet, let’s find out how to match your scoop to your specific cat. Who knew cleaning the kitty litter could be this complicated?

The experts over at Petfinder recommend cleaning the waste out of your cat’s litter box on a daily basis. Imagine, then, how much cat litter you end up scooping out after just a few years? Our philosophy is that if you’re doing something this often, you should probably make your experience as enjoyable as possible. This means finding the right equipment for the job.

The more weak-stomached among us sometimes opt for self-cleaning boxes. Yup, that’s right, high-tech electronic cat boxes that automatically flush out the cat crud. The LitterMaid Mega Series, the ScoopFree Ultra, and the CatGenie Self-Flushing Cat Box are all best-sellers geared toward the more squeamish cat owner. But for those of you who like to take care of business the old fashioned way, we’ve got you covered.

What to look for in a good cat litter scooper

As you may have noticed, there are loads of different cat litter scoopers on pet store shelves. But not all cat litters are made the same. It’s time to get down and dirty and review the best models out there so you can get the best value out your pooper scooper. But before getting into it, let’s quickly break down each of the main considerations to keep in mind so you can find the best cat litter scoop for your furry little companion.

The Shape

This one is mostly aesthetic, but that shouldn’t undermine its importance. Appearance should be a central consideration for any household item you need to use every single day. For this reason, go with something you simply don’t mind looking at.

Generally, though, we recommend a thick handle just to ensure there is no snapping or cracking as the scoop begins to wear. Also, seeking out a scoop with a curved mouth is a great idea. This makes the digging process easier, and prevents litter from scattering everywhere if your hand slips. Remember, we are trying to clean a mess, not make one.

The Material

The toughness of the material used throughout the product is a key factor in finding the best cat litter scoop. Our advice? Cut no costs in ensuring your scoop’s resiliency. This means checking out anti-corrosion aluminum varieties, as well as other metal scoops.

Don’t get us wrong, plastic gets the job done. But if your scoop is your number one partner in crime when taking care of your cat, you should play it safe and pick a reliable metallic option that is proven to last. For the most serious of scoopers, we suggest going with maximum-endurance stainless steel models. Because if you’re a lifelong cat owner, maximum longevity means maximum value.

The Size

This refers to the overall dimensions of the product, but primarily the length of the handle. There is possibly no aspect of the scoop more important to consider than this. To find the best cat litter scoop you will want to either decide on a long handle for stand-up usage, or a short handle for squatting down to the ground with. For bigger cat boxes, longer handles are the more convenient choice as they can tackle the hard-to-reach ends of your box.

The decision to go for a long handle usually comes with cost considerations. As more material is used to manufacture stand-up scoops, those on a strict budget might want to opt for the short guys.

The Holes

You’ll want to settle on a scooper with holes that allow for smooth sifting and quick cleaning. Believe it or not, the size of the holes on your cat littler scoop can make a big difference in its cleaning power.

When the holes are too fine, this creates unwanted build-up along the rims. This turns the scooper, a device used for cleaning messes, into a giant mess itself.

The Litter

There are many different varieties of cat litter. Clay, silica, and natural varieties made with plant matter or recycled newspaper are all common. Of each of these, you will also find clumping and non-clumping variants. This means that your go-to litter type will definitely have an effect on the quality of your cleaning experience.

Your scoop choice should reflect this. For heavier, thick granules opt for a wide-holed scoop. When it comes to non-clumping, or fine grain clay litters, you will want to go with something less perforated.

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