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Best Dust Free Cat Litter 2023 – Breathe Easier with Litter That Makes Less Mess

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When it comes to cat litter and the litter box, dust can be a very real concern for both cats and their humans. Cat owners want cat litter that performs well, but they also want something that won’t be messy or put extra dust into the air.

Cats can also have allergies or various sensitivities to dusty, or heavily scented litter. Humans can also have respiratory sensitivities to the dust that can be put into the air when a cat scratches around in its litter box.

Modern cat litter is frequently designed with special care to minimize dust and other ingredients that may find their way into the air when the litter box is used. Cat litter with minimal dust is made with a wide variety of ingredients so owners are able to choose what works best in their home.

What is the Best Dust-Free Cat Litter?

What Is Dust-free Cat Litter?

Dust free cat litter generally refers to cat litter that has been designed to have very little to no dust.  While many varieties claim to be 100% dust free, there may still be tiny amounts of dust you will find around the litter box. However, compared to the cat litter of recent history, the reduction in the dust has been significant.

Many cat owners simply want dust free cat litter to minimize the amount of time that they spend cleaning up after their cat and around the litter box. When the cat uses the litter box they disturb the litter and that can send tiny particles into the air that will settle around the home, or be breathed in.

It’s not ideal to inhale the dust from cat litter when filling the litter box either, and this is a common complaint from many cat owners. Some cat litter is made from biodegradable materials, while others are made from clay.

Dust free cat litter can be useful if your cat has allergies, or if you are looking for a more hypoallergenic kind of cat litter.

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Why Should I Consider a Dust Free Cat Litter?

Both cats and humans can have allergies or other respiratory sensitivities that can be worsened by extra dust and particles being in the air. Cat litter can be a source of extra dust in the air, and using a dust free cat litter could offer a great improvement in air quality for your home.

Some cats that have just had surgery, or kittens, may be more sensitive to dusty litter. Cat owners are also interested in a hypoallergenic litter as a way to keep their cat, and their household, healthier.

Dust free cat litter is frequently comparable in price to other kinds of litter. Many brands of cat litter also offer dust free options for their products. Current cat owners may be surprised to find that their current cat litter may already be dust free.

Dust free cat litter can also reduce cleaning time around the litter box, and generally keep the surrounding area more dust free. Hypoallergenic litter is widely available and can be just as affordable as many popular brands.

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What Is Dust Free Cat Litter Made Of?

Dust free cat litter can be made from a number of different materials, and come in various textures to suit the needs of your cat. Generally, dust free cat litter will fall into the categories of clay-based, or biodegradable, based on what it contains.

Both clay and clumping litter and biodegradable litters perform their duties well and are widely available. Biodegradable cat litter has been popular in recent years as an eco-friendly option, while clay and clumping litter is still the gold standard and often economical choice.

Clay and Clumping Cat Litter

Clay and clumping litter has had a long reputation for being dusty, heavy, and overly scented. However, modern clay-based litter can be light, almost 100% dust free, and is also available without fragrance or dyes.

Many cat owners also choose to continue using a clay-based litter because that is what their cat prefers. Clay and clumping litters are typically composed of natural clay, and other compounds that serve to lock in odors, clump quickly and increase absorption.

Some clay and clumping litters will also include baking soda or other microgranules that help improve performance and extend the life of the litter.

Biodegradable Cat Litter

Biodegradable cat litter is widely considered a hypoallergenic option for both cats and humans that would like to avoid clay-based cat litter. Biodegradable cat litter is typically made from organic materials such as pine, corn, walnut shells, wheat, and grass.

Biodegradable cat litter is also designed to keep dust at bay and many varieties are 100% dust free.  Textures vary based on the brand and the ingredients, but there is a wide variety of options that may suit your cat and your household.

Does Dust-Free Cat Litter Work As Well As “Regular” Cat Litter?

Dust free cat litter works just as well as “regular” litter, only without all of the extra mess. Many cat owners have made the switch to a dust free litter without a strong fragrance simply because it works better. Others prefer their litter has a fragrance, and that is still an option with dust free litter.

Today, most cat litter you find will be dust free, as cat owners everywhere seem to prefer it.

Dust free cat litter works in much the same way that conventional litters of the past did. It contains absorbent ingredients and other compounds that are designed to trap odors, clump, and stick together for easy scooping.

For clay and clumping litters, the ingredients have not really changed, but how they make the litter has. Making small tweaks and changes to the formula of the litter make dust free litter possible, and widely available to cat owners.

Biodegradable litters are made from a variety of plant sources, and some are even considered hypoallergenic.  Brands that sell biodegradable litter have gone to great lengths to improve their product. This effort paid off as biodegradable litter now performs just as well as clay and clumping litter, if not better.

If you’re thinking about making the switch to dust free litter, you can look forward less clean up, and less wasted litter in and around the box. Cat litter has improved greatly with the help of technology and dust free cat litter is one of the many recent benefits.

How Do I Choose a Dust Free Cat Litter?

There are a large number of dust free litters on the market which can make choosing one difficult. When considering a dust free litter, it’s important to consider the preferences of your cat.

If your cat likes the texture of their current litter it may be a good idea to switch to a litter with a similar texture. If your cat is sensitive to smells, consider choosing an unscented, or naturally scented litter.

Whether you want to choose a biodegradable litter or stick with clay, there are hypoallergenic options available that don’t contain additives like fragrance, deodorants, and perfumes. These added chemicals can bother sensitive cats.

In general, the fewer additives there are in cat litter, the healthier it will be for your cat. All-natural cat litters are a great option, but clay-based litter is also available without additives like silica, which is a carcinogen when inhaled.

Once you have decided if you’d like a biodegradable or clay-based litter, then it is easier to narrow down your options. A clay-based, clumping litter that doesn’t stick to the paws is generally what cats prefer.

What is the Best Dust-Free Cat Litter Available?

Quick Look : Best Dust Free Cat Litters in 2023

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Cat’s Pride Premium Fresh & Light Fragrance-Free Multi-Cat Scoopable Cat Litter $.66/lb
4.5 Stars

When looking for the best dust free cat litter you may be overwhelmed by the number of choices. Most cat litter brands strive to have at least a couple kinds of dust free cat litter in their product lines, and each option comes with other features.

Dust free cat litter can come unscented, or with fragrance, and brands have teamed up with other companies to offer their customers special product features. The weight of the litter may vary, but even a lightweight litter can be dust free.

World’s Best Cat Litter Scoopable Multiple Cat Clumping Formula

World’s Best Cat Litter is 99% dust free and comes in two scents.  The Forest scent is created by adding 100% wood fibers, and the Lavender scent comes from the addition of 100% all-natural lavender oil. The multi-cat formula is also suitable for single cats and is made from whole kernel corn.

The World’s Best litter is relatively long lasting, with one bag lasting 2 cats for 60 days. World’s Best also has odor control, in addition to the natural scents, and clumps quickly for easy scooping.


  • 99% Dust free
  • Made from Eco-friendly corn
  • Naturally scented Lavender or Forest
  • Suitable for one or more cats
  • Made in the USA


  • Needs to be stored in a sealed container in a cool, dry place
  • Darker colored granules make tracking visible
  • Unique smell may bother some

Tidy Cats Scoop Glade Tough Odor Solutions Cat Litter

The Tidy Cats Scoop Glade Tough Cat litter is a partnership between Tidy Cats and Glade that has many cat owners very pleased.  Glade supplies the Clear Springs™ scent to fight odors as part of the popular Tidy Cats litter that is very popular among cat owners.

The light fragrance left behind is more appropriate in a home setting, but the litter still neutralizes ammonia and other odors common around the litter box. The ingredients in this litter create a deodorizing effect and solid clumps that are easy to scoop.

The small granules in this litter make it less prone to tracking, minimize dust, and extend the release of the delicate scent to keep the litter box fresher, longer.


  • 99.6% Dust free
  • Scented with Glade
  • Extended-release system helps litter last longer
  • Absorbs moisture and does not stick to the litter box
  • Rounded granular texture for less tracking


  • Container can be a little heavy for some owners to lift
  • Inconsistent clumping
  • Still, some tracking, depending on the fur of your cat

Dr. Elsey’s Precious Cat Ultra Clumping Cat Litter

Dr. Elsey’s Precious Cat Ultra Clumping Cat Litter is unique in that it combines smaller granules with medium granules of clay. This combination makes the litter clump really well and works great for multi-cat households.

This litter contains no plant proteins which makes it a good hypoallergenic option for cats or humans that may have sensitivities. It’s 99.9% dust free and light enough for use in sifting or mechanical litter boxes.

The litter is unscented, but thanks to the medium grain clay, has superior odor control properties. It does not contain any deodorants or perfumes and is not flushable.


  • 99.9% Dust free
  • Clumps are hard and hold together well
  • Two kinds of granules reduce tracking
  • Suitable for one or more cats
  • Light enough for sifting or mechanical litter boxes
  • No plant proteins, deodorants, or perfumes


  • Depending on your cat’s fur, there may still be dust and tracking
  • May stick to the bottom of the litter box once moist

Cat’s Pride Premium Fresh & Light Fragrance-Free Multi-Cat Scoopable Cat Litter

Cat’s Pride Premium cat litter is another great example of a dust free litter that also has no fragrance.  This is a clay-based litter, that clumps well, making it easy to scoop. The litter is more lightweight than regular litter making it less likely to track, and softer on sensitive cat paws.

Cat’s Pride teamed up with Oil-Dri for this litter which also contains special absorbents commonly used throughout the world.  These advanced absorbents keep the litter dry and clean, while also reducing how much litter is wasted.

It’s made from clay that is highly porous and absorbent and combined with lightweight filler particles so that one container will last 35 days or 140 clumps. The clay traps moisture quickly and the hardened clumps are easy to scoop.


  • 99% Dust Free
  • Low tracking granules
  • 25% lighter than other leading clay brands
  • Fragrance-free and dye-free, good for cats with allergies


  • Some cats may push more of this lightweight litter out of their box and onto the floor
  • Depending on your cat’s fur, there may be some tracking of smaller granules
  • Odor absorption may not be enough for multiple cats

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