5 Best Dog Food and Water Bowl Mats: Our 2023 Feeding Mat Guide

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Does your dog create a mess during mealtime? Do your floors end up covered in water and food? Using a pet food bowl mat is a great way to keep your canine companion’s mess contained. Use these tips to choose the perfect dog mat, and find out which ones we suggest for maximum quality and convenience.

Different Materials Used to Make Mats for Dog Bowls

Pet food bowl mats are available in a wide variety of materials. Your specifics needs will help determine which will be best for your situation. Materials used to make mats for dog food and water bowls include:

  • Cotton: machine washable
  • Microfiber: ultra-absorbent for messy drinkers
  • Plastic: easy to wipe down with a cloth or sponge
  • Polyester: machine washable
  • Polypropylene: durable and leak-proof
  • Silicone: durable but flexible

Key Features in Dog Bowl Mats

If you’re having a hard time deciding on the best dog bowl mat for your pup based on material choices, look into these additional features to narrow it down.

  • Outer lip: a mat with an outer lip or raised rim can help keep food and water contained on the mat.
  • Traction bumps: will help keep things in place on the mat.
  • Anti-slip: many dog bowl mats come equipped with an anti-slip feature on the bottom of the mat so it doesn’t slide around your floors.
  • Outer trench: some mats have an outer trench that you can fill with water so ants can’t reach your dog’s food.
  • Dishwasher safe: adds convenience to your cleaning routine
  • Bowl holders: plastic, silicone and polypropylene dog mats may have cutouts where you can set the bowls, securing them in place.
  • Storage: dog food and water mats that can be rolled up are convenient for traveling and storage.

Overall Best Mat for Dog Bowls

iPrimio Dog Feeding Mat

The best overall mat for under dog bowls is the iPrimio Dog Feeding Mat. This mat is made from 100% FDA grade silicone, which is non-toxic and non-allergenic. These factors make it a great dog bowl mat for pups with allergies. The iPrimio Dog Feeding Mat is sized for dog bowls up to 8” and it offers a plethora of key features that make it the very best for pet parents:

  • Raised outer lip to keep food and water spillage contained.
  • Anti-slip bumps on both sides of the mat to keep food bowls in place, and avoid sliding on the floor.
  • Flexible material is dishwasher safe or can easily be cleaned in the sink.
  • Durable, high-quality silicone material.

The only feature that the iPrimio mat doesn’t have is two cutouts for bowls to sit in. However, the anti-slip bumps will assist in keeping your dog’s bowls in place. If you’re looking for a high-quality, easily washable pet bowl mat that will protect your floors, the iPrimio Dog Feeding Mat is our top pick!

Best Dog Food and Water Bowl Mat With Lip

PetRageous Designs Bone n’ Up for Dinner Non-Slip Tray Placemat

Sometimes a flat dog bowl mat isn’t enough to keep your pup’s eating area clean. A lip on the mat can help keep loose kibble in a contained space, rather than all over your floor. The best mat for this job is this tray from PetRageous. It has tall raised edges that even large kibble won’t be able to escape.

The tray can also hold a substantial amount of water in the case that you have a messy drinker (or a dog who otherwise thinks of their water bowl as a play pool). The PetRageous tray is designed to hold in place, which can withstand even the biggest of snouts licking the tray clean. Time to clean it? Simply wash it down in your sink or wipe it with a wet cloth.

3 More Top Rated Mats for Dog Food and Water Bowls

Soggy Doggy Slopmat

The Soggy Doggy Slopmat placemat is a dependable option if you have a pup who leaves the floor soaked with water. The microfiber chenille design absorbs up to five times more water than a typical dog bowl mat. Liquid soaks into it like a sponge, then you can toss it in the washing machine for convenient cleaning. An added bonus to this mat is that it is soft and plush and can double as a resting place for your small dog.

Mr. Peanut’s Pet Food Mat

If you’re looking for a simple, yet effective dog food and water bowl mat, Mr. Peanut’s Pet Food Mat is a versatile option. Made out of 100% food-grade silicone, the simple dot pattern keeps food and water contained on the mat. The non-allergenic material is safe and can be rolled up for convenient storage. No maintenance is required, as you can put this mat in the dishwasher for cleaning.

Pet Parade Non-Skid Dog Bowl Tray

What makes the Pet Parade Non-Skid Dog Bowl Tray unique is the raised backing of the mat as well as the outer trench. Simply pour some water in the surrounding trench to keep bugs and ants out of your dog’s eating space. The tray has a non-slip bottom to ensure it stays in place during meal time, and you can put the entire tray in the dishwasher.

Dog Water Bowl Mats – RECAP

Your fur friend’s meal time will become much cleaner with a pet bowl mat. They are an inexpensive way to add one less chore to your cleaning list, because your floors will no longer be covered with your dog’s food and water! A placement will also add a sense of modern organization to your dog’s eating space. Stop the messy madness, and purchase your pet food bowl mat today!

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