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Best Dog Food for Pomskies : 15 Healthy Recipes Reviewed by Budget, Diet and Life Stage

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One of the newest breeds to come out of the designer breeding world is the Pomsky. This mix of Siberian Husky and Pomeranian brings upon a whole new level of cuteness. Packed tightly inside that puffy, heavy coat is a dog breed that demands attention and will let you know if he’s not getting enough of it.

When it comes to diet the best way to ensure your Pomsky experiences a long, healthy life is to feed them quality food. That means choosing a recipe suited to your dog’s high energy, thick coat, and underlying breed health issues.

Though, not everyone has the budget for the best available options, there are still distinguishing features of more affordable food that Pomsky owners should think about – and for good reason.

Consider This

Studies conclude: Dogs who are fed a high protein, biologically appropriate, and human-grade formula experience better bowel movements including less waste and firmer stools. Skin allergies and stomach sensitivity are also less common with these highly digestible meals – resulting in less diarrhea, gas, and itchiness.

Owner survey: Pomsky (and other mixed breed) guardians confirm that their dogs enjoy meal time more, have more energy, a shinier coat, and brighter eyes when fed the healthiest dog foods. They also report feeling more pride in providing their dog a tastier, more nutritious diet.

Between the lines: After looking at the tangible benefits Pomskies experience from eating a high quality recipe it’s fair to assume that better dog food leads to fewer serious health issues. Assuming that’s true, you could also expect a reduction in vet visits over the course of your dog’s life – resulting in substantial cost savings.

At Dog Food FAQ we’ve gone to great lengths to analyze and review each food we recommend. In many cases we’ve even taste tested similar recipes with real dogs to ensure that the foods dogs love rise to the top.

What Is The Best Pomsky Dog Food?

Ollie Beef Dish w/ Carrots

The Healthiest

Ollie Fresh Beef Dish w/ Carrots

Price : Customized to Your Dog

Taste of the Wild High Prairie w/ Roasted Venison & Bison

Best Selling

Taste of the Wild Dry High Prairie w/ Roasted Bison & Venison

Price : $2.11/lb

The Farmer's Dog Chicken Recipe

Best Fresh

The Farmer’s Dog Human Grade Chicken w/ Broccoli

Price : Customized to Your Dog

Darwin's Natural Selections Lamb

Best Raw

Darwin’s Natural Selections Lamb

Price : Customized to Your Dog

ORIJEN Small Breed Grain-Free Dry

Best Dry

Orijen Grain-Free Small Breed Turkey, Chicken, Quail, & Fish

Price : $5.70/lb

Sundays Food for Dogs Air Dried USDA Beef

Best New Brand

Sundays Food for Dogs Air Dried USDA Beef

Price : Customized to Your Dog

Ziwi Peak Grain-Free Air-Dried Tripe & Lamb

Most Expensive

Ziwi Peak Grain-Free Air-Dried Tripe & Lamb

Price : $27.36/lb

Victor Purpose Performance Beef Dog Food (Made in the USA)

Best Under $2.00/lb

Victor Purpose Performance Beef Dog Food (Made in the USA)

Price : $1.55/lb

Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula Adult Chicken & Brown Rice

Best Under $2.50/lb

Blue Buffalo Life Protection Chicken & Brown Rice

Price : $2.17/lb

Go! Solutions Skin + Coat Care Salmon

Best Under $3.00/lb

Go! Solutions Salmon w/ Grain Skin + Coat Care

Price : $2.64/lb

Solid Gold Buck Sensitive Stomach Grain-Free Wild Venison, Potato & Pumpkin Dry

Best for Sensitive Stomach

Solid Gold Buck Wild Grain-Free Wild Venison, Potato & Pumpkin

Price : $3.05/lb

Zignature Limited Ingredient Formula Trout & Salmon Meal

Best for Allergies

Zignature Limited Ingredient Formula Trout & Salmon Meal

Price : $3.32/lb

Nutro Ultra Adult Weight Management Chicken, Lamb & Salmon

Best for Weight Control

Nutro Ultra Small Breed Weight Management Chicken, Lamb & Salmon

Price : $4.63/lb

Maev Raw, Fresh-Frozen Chicken Puppy Food

Best for Pomsky Puppies

Maev Raw, Fresh-Frozen Chicken Puppy Food


Now Fresh Grain-Free Small Breed Senior Recipe

Best for Senior Pomskies

Now Fresh Senior Small Breed Turkey, Salmon & Duck


Understanding A Pomsky’s Diet Requirements

Providing your dog with the best Pomsky food not only makes them look and feel great but it makes their body perform at a high level. Proper nutrition is essential, and your Pomsky needs a balance of protein, fats, and carbs always.

Everyday pet scientists are working to find the perfect ratio of how these components should get dispersed. While there is no set-in stone ratio, experts believe your dog should have approximately 30% protein, 30% fat, and 40% carbohydrates.

There are also foods that get designed for dogs in specific stages of life like puppies or seniors. You want to pay attention to these if your pup is in that age range because they can provide a lot of the particular nutrients and minerals your dog needs at their current life stage.

  • Puppy Pomsky Diet – When you have a Pomsky puppy you have to understand the dietary needs of both sides of the breed. They are essentially half Pomeranian and half Husky, so they require a diet rich in protein and fats for them to grow properly. As soon as they are old enough to eat hard kibble, it’s best to put them on it and keep them away from canned foods.
  • Adult Pomsky Diet – When your Pomsky is an adult you want to balance out their diet with about 20% protein and 6% fat from high-quality animal sources. Pay attention to your Pomskies size because they can range from 20-30 pounds depending on their parents.
  • Senior Pomsky Diet – As your Pomsky gets older their metabolism slows down and they can put on weight around 8-10 years old. At this point, you want to switch them to a food that has less protein and fat, so they don’t put on too much weight. Pay attention to your dogs level of activity and let that guide your decisions.

Special Dietary Considerations For Pomsky

Both the Siberian Husky and Pomeranian are healthy breeds that do not have to deal with any unique breed-related health issues. With most designer breeds they come with the issues of both dogs and can range from mild to severe. Here are some of the general issues and how they relate to feeding your Pomsky.

Heart Disease – Pomskies are prone to Dilated Cardiomyopathy which is an enlarged heart due to certain ventricles not functioning correctly. You may not notice any symptoms or signs until your pup is much older but pay attention to any coughing, wheezing, loss of appetite, weakness, or any changes in behavior.

Patellar Luxation – This is a common problem in many dog breeds where the kneecap slips out of the joint from time to time. Sometimes this might cause no pain at all and other times you’ll hear your pup yelping in pain. If you see your Pomsky limping with one paw in the air, it’s possible that their patella has slipped.

Collapsing Trachea – This disorder is common in small-breeds like the Pomeranian, so it’s important to watch out for it in your Pomsky. The bronchial tube has small rings around it that allow it to adjust according to pressure or trauma, but in small breeds, these rings become weak and eventually give out.

When they give out the trachea becomes narrow causing difficulty breathing and low quality of life. The best way to prevent this from happening is to use a harness leash instead of a neck one. If your pup is continuously running in the opposite direction with a neck leash that pressure and stress on the neck could be enough to collapse your dog’s trachea.

Corneal Dystrophy – This disorder is commonly found in Siberian Huskies and is occurs when the cornea develops an opacity that prevents your pup from seeing correctly.

Sometimes when this happens, there is no need for treatment because the obstruction is limited and there is no pain or discomfort, but if it results in corneal ulceration, it could result in loss of vision so you would want to get an eye exam.

Legg-Calve-Perthes Disease – This disease is categorized as the degeneration of the thigh bone. What happens here is the top of the bone begins to break down and results in the entire hip joint becoming weak and eventually breaking down as well. The cause of this condition is currently unknown, but it’s common in toy breeds and can cause intense swelling in the surrounding area.

Hair Loss – Pomeranians are known for a disorder called black-skin disease which is when hair is lost in specific areas on the dog’s body and the hairless areas turn black. Exposed skin has no protection from the elements and can result in sunburn or frostbite if your dog is outside for too long.

Pomsky Feeding Chart

Since this breed is so new, there are no established guidelines to follow when it comes to Pomsky food. We do know that the breed is high energy, so they most likely require frequent feeding of food that is high in protein and fat.

The breed is a small to medium size, and they have a fast metabolism because their husky side is a working breed. Dogs this size and with their level of energy generally require approximately 30 calories per pound of body weight daily. This adds up to about ½ to one cup a day divided into a few small meals.

When your Pomsky is a puppy, they require more energy and calories to keep up with their growing bodies so you could consider feeding them more if you feel they devour their food too fast.

As your Pomsky ages, you always want to decrease the amount of food they have based on their energy levels. It’s best to feed your dog an age specific formula depending on what their current stage of life is.

The Best Dog Food For Pomsky: Our 2023 Top 15 Picks

In this section, we’re breaking down the best Pomsky foods for your pup throughout all the stages of life. Choosing food for your Pomsky is simple as long as you keep your guidelines in mind and stick to them as your life depends on it.

You always want to feed your pup food that is rich in protein from real animal sources. These proteins should always be the first ingredient in the dog food and if it’s not – run away.

There are many foods to cater to dogs with specific needs like food allergies or sensitivities. Take a look at some of our favorites.

RankDog Food RecipePrice
Best OverallSolid Gold Wee Bit Bison and Brown Rice Small Breed
Full Review
Most PopularFull Review
Great Value Full Review
Super PremiumNomNom Chicken Chow-Wow
Full Review
Allergies Full Review
Sensitive StomachsFull Review
Grain IncludedFull Review
Grain-FreeWellness CORE Grain-Free Small Breed Turkey & Chicken
Full Review
Most AffordableFull Review

Solid Gold Wee Bit Bison and Brown Rice Small Breed Recipe

Best Overall Food for Pomsky: Your small dog has a giant personality, and you need to feed them like they are the king of the world. This food provides them with the perfect balance of bison protein, healthy fat, and whole grains. The formula contains 20 different superfoods packed into the ideal size kibble for small breed dogs.

Something that immediately stands out about Solid Gold is their holistic approach to developing dog food that caters to the needs of your pup. Your Pomsky food should always have a purpose, and in this case, it’s to help your small breed dog live their best life.

The company claims they were America’s first holistic pet food brand and for the last 40 years, they have devoted their time to helping pets feel and look great. All their foods use only the highest quality ingredients in a way that caters to what a dog wants.

  • Pros: Great on sensitive stomachs, love the flavor, helps skin and coat
  • Cons: The flavor could be challenging for some pups to adjust

Blue Buffalo Homestyle Beef Recipe

Most Affordable Food: Blue Buffalo is known as one of the most popular dog food brands on the market, and if your pup is more into soft canned food, this would be a good choice. The food combines beef with fresh vegetables to provide vitamins and antioxidants for your dog’s health.

The formula features chelated minerals, whole brown rice, and cranberries which help with your dog’s coat and urinary tract.

The story of Blue Buffalo started with a pet owner and his dog Blue. He noticed that Blue was suffering from a variety of different health issues that they felt were due to his diet. Upon doing some research, the family noticed how many dogs were experiencing these types of issues due to a diet rich in fillers and low in nutritional value.

They set out on a mission to create a pet food company that was both healthy and affordable.

  • Pros: Affordable for families on budgets, many pet owners say their pups love the flavor, Consistent texture across multiple purchases
  • Cons: Occasional issues with shipping and damaged product

American Journey Salmon and Sweet Potato Grain-Free Recipe

Most Popular Food: If you are struggling to settle on a food choice for your Pomsky it is sometimes best to go with what everyone else is doing. This food from American Journey has nearly 2000 five star reviews on Chewy with an overall rating of 4.75 out of those reviews.

The food uses salmon and sweet potato as its main ingredients and contains no grain, corn, wheat, soy, or artificial coloring. The most important thing you want to look at is the first few ingredients on the packaging.

This formula uses salmon, chicken meal, turkey, peas, and sweet potatoes, so you know your Pomsky is getting a well-balanced nutritious meal. The recipe contains 32% protein and 14% fat, so it’s ideal for active adult dogs.

  • Pros: High-quality ingredients, excellent online reputation, contains active cultures for gut health, high protein, and fat diet
  • Cons: Protein and fat could be too much for less active dogs, the bag is not resealable, so the food loses its freshness if you order in bulk

NomNomNow Chicken Chow-Wow

Super Premium Food: If you’re looking to step far outside the box and try something completely different with your pup you could try him on a raw diet. Your Pomsky will love all the flavors of chicken, sweet potatoes, and squash in this food from NomNomNow.

The best Pomsky food is one that is rich in real meats and vegetables, and all of the foods from NomNomNow contain human-grade ingredients that get prepared in small batches in their kitchens.

This company has a goal of separating itself from the competition by being the one that goes the extra mile for the health of your pup. NomNomNow produces only a few varieties of raw dog foods, and they all contain human-grade ingredients. This means that you could also eat this food because all the ingredients are edible for people.

  • Pros: Contains human-grade ingredients, pups love the authentic flavors, tightly packed protein and fat, pre-portioned
  • Cons: Requires refrigeration, can only purchase from the NomNomNow website

Natural Balance Limited Ingredient Diet Sweet Potato and Venison

Best Food or Pomsky with Allergies: The best thing you can do for your Pomsky if they have allergies is look at the food they eat. If your pup eats foods that contain a lot of fillers or have artificial dyes and flavors they can trigger allergies that cause your pup to become itchy and uncomfortable.

This limited ingredient formula uses sweet potato and venison as its main ingredients and contains no grain with limited carbs. The food also has no artificial flavors or colors which are the leading causes of allergies.

The formula contains the minimum required protein and fat at 20% protein and 10% fat, but that is also easy on their stomach if your Pomsky is prone to vomiting or loose stools.

  • Pros: Limited ingredient diet is ideal for pups with allergies, helps heal skin, contains ingredients like flaxseed that are helpful with your Pomskies coat
  • Cons: Contains canola oil and some fillers like pea protein and potato protein

Zignature Turkey Limited Ingredient Formula Grain-Free

Best Food for Pomsky with Sensitive Stomachs: If your pup is prone to vomiting or loose stools and you are concerned about whether or not they are eating the best diet for their sensitive stomach, you want an easily digestible food.

Turkey is the most digestible protein, and while it might be bland and flavorless for dogs, it’s a great choice for them to get the protein they need without upsetting their stomach.

This formula is grain-free with turkey being the only protein source alongside essential fatty acids and vitamins. The food contains no corn, wheat, soy, dairy, or chicken to prevent any food allergy or upset stomach.

  • Pros: Turkey is an ideal protein for sensitive stomachs, contains a well-balanced diet of meat, vegetables, and fruit, uses skin and coat healthy sunflower oil and flaxseed
  • Cons: High protein of 31% could be too much for some pups, turkey is challenging to adjust for some picky eaters

Three More Top Rated (5 Star) Pomsky Adult Foods

Nutro Wholesome Essentials Adult Farm Raised Chicken, Brown Rice, and Sweet Potato

This food provides your pup with the energy and vitality they need to live a long and healthy life. The formula combines real chicken alongside whole grains for healthy muscle development and metabolism.

Nutro’s formulas are also easy on the stomach, so they are great for pups with sensitive stomachs or food allergies. The food contains antioxidants like vitamin E to help with immune health and cellular regeneration. The company never uses artificial flavors or colors in any of their formulas.

Wellness CORE Grain-Free Small Breed Turkey and Chicken

Wellness bases their foods on the nutritional philosophy that dogs thrive on a diet of primarily meat. Each formula contains a high concentration of quality animal protein free from fillers and artificial ingredients.

The food is grain-free and combines a unique blend of botanicals and nutritional supplements to balance out your pup’s diet.

Lastly, the Wellness brand contains Glucosamine and Chondroitin which is great for bone and joint health. The formula is a complete and balanced diet that delivers high-quality nutrition for all pups.

Rachael Ray Nutrish Natural Chicken and Veggies Recipe

This food uses all-natural ingredients and US farm-raised chicken as its first ingredient. The recipe is a completely balanced diet that contains no by-products, wheat, wheat gluten, or artificial coloring.

The formula is rich in fiber from brown rice and beet pulp, and they also add prebiotics to help with digestion and gut health. The food is ideal for all breed of all sizes, but it’s recommended for adults only. It contains 26% protein and 14% fat which is optimal for most dogs of moderate activity.

Although the formula does contain a lot of high-quality ingredients, they do use some fillers like soybean meal and whole corn.

3 More Top Rated (5 Star) Pomsky Puppy Foods

Our 2023 Picks: Pomsky Puppy Food Recommendations
RankDog FoodPriceRating

Most Affordable


Overall Best





Blue Buffalo Life Protection Small Breed Formula for Puppies

We chose this as our best option because it’s one of the only foods out there that offers small breed puppy food. The formula starts with real meat, whole grains, and fresh vegetables to balance out your puppies’ diet and give them everything they need to grow big and strong.

For your pup, it features essential calcium and phosphorus which help puppies tooth development, and the food comes in a smaller kibble making it easier for small breed pups to chew.

The story of Blue Buffalo started with a pet owner and his dog Blue. He noticed that Blue was suffering from a variety of different health issues that they felt were due to his diet. Upon doing some research, the family noticed how many dogs were experiencing these types of issues due to a diet rich in fillers and low in nutritional value.

Nutro Ultra Puppy Chunks in Gravy

This ultra-premium canned puppy food uses high-quality, all-natural ingredients and lean protein to help your pup get everything they need at this stage of their life. The food contains three lean sources of protein from farm-raised chicken, lamb, and salmon. Every ingredient is precisely chosen to help support the high energy levels of a small puppy.

Nutro considers themselves pioneers of the pet nutrition and they claim to food their food production process to the highest standard in the marketplace. The company founded in 1926 has strived to make a difference in the life of pets and pet parents since the very beginning.

Taste of the Wild High Prairie Puppy Formula

When you have a Pomsky puppy, it’s essential to feed them the highest quality diet possible, so they grow up strong and healthy. This food is formulated using novel proteins like buffalo and bison.

The food contains DHA which is the main component found in mothers milk, so this is an extremely high-quality ingredient that plays a significant role in the health of your pup. As a result, this formula contains a high protein and fat concentration of 28% protein and 17% fat.

Taste of the Wild also includes a wide assortment of pro and prebiotics which help with your pups metabolism and digestive system.

3 More Picks For Senior Pomsky Foods

Our 2023 Picks: Pomsky Senior Dog Food Recommendations
RankDog FoodPriceRating




Most Affordable





Merrick Real Chicken and Sweet Potatoes Grain-Free Senior Recipe

The food contains L-carnitine and glucosamine which are ideal ingredients for older dogs because they help with joint problems and metabolism. If your pup has issues with slipped joints or obesity, this food is an ideal choice.

Merrick believes in designing food; not manufacturing it. All their foods cater to the needs of each pup, and they always put real meat and vegetables as the first ingredients. For 25 years they have been producing dog foods that provide a well-balanced diet and peace of mind for pet owners.

American Journey Chicken and Brown Rice Senior Recipe

This food is great for pet owners who want to serve their senior the best Pomsky food at an affordable price. The food has tons of antioxidant-rich fruit along with vitamins and minerals that help support their brain and joints. Each formula is a completely balanced diet rich in nutrients.

American Journey believes that every day is an adventure for your dog and that should not change as they get older. If you continue to feed your dog well into their golden years, they live a long and exciting life even as they age. The company always uses real protein, fruits, and vegetables in all of their formulas.

Nulo Freestyle Trout and Sweet Potato Grain-Free Senior

This formula contains glucosamine and chondroitin which are ideal ingredients for hip and joint health. The food also has L-Carnitine for metabolism and possible weight loss in obese dogs. These ingredients are also heart healthy.

The recipe is grain-free and contains no chicken or egg proteins for sensitive stomachs. If your senior struggles with digesting their food and has either dry or loose stools the food also contain probiotics to help regulate their digestive system.

Our FAQ and Pomsky Feeding Guide

If you are thinking about switching your Pomsky to a premium dog food, you might be wondering if you’re making the right decision. Because something looks high-quality and is advertised as such doesn’t mean it is. Marketing has gotten the best of the pet food market and that is why some of the lowest quality foods have thousands of positive reviews on

We’re brainwashed to think that ingredients like by-products, corn syrup, and red dye and necessary in our dogs’ diets. Many people choose these because they see popular brand names like Purina or Dads but the reality is, those foods are low-quality and they contain little to no nutrition for your pup.

In this section we’re breaking the hype from reality by answering some of the most frequently asked questions about dog food for Pomskies.

What ingredients should I look for in my Pomsky Food?

Protein is the first thing you want to look for. Your dog’s food needs an abundant amount of protein. With Pomskies, they are highly active so foods that have a higher protein content of around 20% or more would be the best way to go. This protein gives your pup the energy it needs to get through the day and protein plays a significant role in the regeneration and repair of cells in the body.

Most importantly you want to find these animal proteins in the first five of ingredients in the food.

  • Animal Protein Meal – A major misconception is that “meal” immediately makes something bad or less quality and that is not true. Real meats contain about 70% water so when they get cooked off their size is drastically reduced, and as a result, the protein content in the food goes down.

The animal meal contains a highly concentrated amount of protein without the water. Chicken meal, for example, includes about 10% moisture with 65% protein.

  • Oils – With an emphasis on quality over quantity, oils play a significant role in your dog’s skin and coat health. The most important thing to consider is the quality of the oil because a lot of manufactured foods include industrial style oils like vegetable or corn oil and these offer no nutritional value.

What ingredients are bad for my dogs diet?

If you know what you want to find in their diet, now you need to know what to stay away from. Here are some of the worst ingredients to feed your pup.

  • Artificial Dyes – It’s always troubling when companies put artificial coloring into their dog food because the truth is; your pup doesn’t care what color the food is. Your dog wants the best Pomsky food possible, one that is rich in meat and vegetables.

Artificial coloring is linked to hyperactivity and a bunch of other cognitive issues, so you want to avoid this whenever possible. If a company uses artificial coloring in their food, it says a lot about their concern for quality and we would run away from their entire brand.

  • Corn Syrup – Added sugar in dog food is never a good thing, and there is no reason for it. Corn syrup causes spikes in blood sugar and is linked to weight gain and diabetes in dogs. Consuming enough sugary food will also give your Pomsky a taste for it, and as a result, he’ll crave it more because of its addictive properties. That will make it harder for you to get him off the bad food down the road.
  • Nitrates – If you find nitrates in your Pomsky food, it means that it has an artificial preservative in it that are used to extend its shelf life.

Sodium nitrate is an approved preservative, but it’s known to cause a blood disorder called methemoglobin. While there is no guarantee of this ever causing any harm its best to always go with natural preservatives in your dog’s food. This ingredient is another sign of a cheap pet food company.

  • Soy – This ingredient is known to have some positive benefits, but a lot of the time it is added as a soybean meal as a filler in dog foods. The problem with this ingredient is it’s often added in the form of a remainder product after all the good vitamins and minerals get removed from the product.
  • Rendered Fat – The last ingredient we’ll look at is unnamed fat. A lot of the time you’ll find this ingredient called poultry fat or animal fat and this means that the ingredient is unknown so it can come from any source. The fat can come from dead or dying animals, roadkill, or even euthanized animals.

You want to look for labels that say chicken fat or salmon oil, so you get a solid understanding of where the fat is coming from.

Pomsky Dog Food – A Final Word

Your Pomsky is full of energy and excitement, and as a new breed, it can be challenging to find useful information about what to feed them. We believe in keeping things simple, and the best way to feed your dog is always to give them foods that contain real meats, vegetables, and fruits.

If you are concerned about your Pomsky’s diet, we recommend trying any of the high-quality foods listed above.

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