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The history of your charming and fierce Whippet starts in Northern England in the late 1700s. During this time the people of this area bred Greyhounds with Terriers and ended up with a smaller, but faster dog meant to hunt small game in the local areas.

Whippets were popular with men in North England because they were competition dogs. The men would see whose dog could capture the most rabbits and straight track racing became popular at this time with Whippets.

The Whippet is a gentle breed that has a strong hunting mentality and a fierce endurance that will lead them to chase a rabbit for as much as seven miles if their owner does not stop them. The breed is not known to bark, and they will jump up and hug every person that enters the house.

Here’s what you’ll need to know

  • The Best Dog Foods for Whippets : We break down the healthiest choices by budget, diet, and popularity.
  • What Makes a Great Whippet Dog Food : We analyze good and bad ingredients and inform you about heath-related considerations.
  • FAQs : We answer feeding, nutrition, and growth questions commonly asked by Whippet owners.

What Is The Best Dog Food for a Whippet?

Ollie Chicken Dish w/ Carrots

The Healthiest | All Life Stages

Ollie Fresh Chicken Dish w/ Carrots

Dog Food FAQ Exclusive – 60% Off

Merrick Grain-Free Real Texas Beef and Sweet Potato

Premium | Dry

Merrick Grain-Free Real Texas Beef and Sweet Potato

Blue Wilderness Chicken Recipe w/ Life Bits

Most Popular | Dry

Blue Wilderness Chicken Recipe w/ Life Bits

Taste of the Wild High Prairie

Affordable | Dry

Taste of the Wild High Prairie w/ Roasted Bison & Venison

The Farmer's Dog Beef

Human-Grade | Fresh

The Farmer’s Dog Beef Recipe

Natural Balance Sweet Potato and Venison

Limited Ingredient | Dry

Natural Balance Sweet Potato and Venison

Instinct by Nature’s Variety Raw Boost Real Chicken

Grain-Free | Dry

Instinct by Nature’s Variety Raw Boost Real Chicken

Wellness Simple Limited Ingredient Lamb and Oatmeal

Sensitive Stomach | Dry

Wellness Simple Limited Ingredient Lamb and Oatmeal

Understanding A Whippet’s Diet Requirements

Whippets are not typically prone to excessive weight gain and maintaining their lean appearance is manageable with the right amount of exercise and proper diet. Overall, the breed is healthy and does not come with a lot of baggage from their ancestors. The most important thing to remember is that every dog breed needs a well-balanced diet.

This breed requires the right amount of protein, fats, and carbohydrates in their diet to keep them moving along. You always want to make sure that the protein they consume comes from real animal sources and not beans or corn. The first ingredient in a Whippet food should always be real meat, and you want that to come along with plenty of vegetables, healthy oils, and legumes.

Low-quality dog foods like to substitute real meat for things like corn, wheat gluten, and soybean meal which do nothing for your pup’s health. These ingredients are used to cut costs and fill your pup’s stomach without doing anything for their health. Look at these guidelines below to get an idea of how to feed your Whippet at each stage of life.

  • Puppy Whippet Diet – When your Whippet is a puppy they need more protein and fat than they do as an adult because they are rapidly growing. During this stage, you can follow a general guideline of 24% protein and 12% fat as a minimum. Consider feeding them a specific puppy formula that meets these requirements.
  • Adult Whippet Diet – As your Whippet gets a little older, you can decrease that protein and fat to about 18% protein and 10% fat. Pay attention to their weight and let that be your guide in deciding how much to feed your dog.
  • Senior Whippet Diet – When any pup gets older their metabolism slows down and as a result you need to feed them less. Consider feeding them a senior dog food formula or reduce the number of feedings per day. As always, quality is more important than quantity so if you feed your dog a high-quality Whippet food they should not require as many feedings.

Special Dietary Considerations For Whippets

Whippets are a healthy and active breed that requires a lot of attention. They will follow you throughout the house and always want to sit next to you and cuddle. This breed does not do well with cold weather, so you want to make sure always to give them a coat or sweater when it is cold outside.

When it comes to their dietary health, you want to inform yourself of any possible ailments or issues before they happen. Here are some of the most common issues Whippets face:

  • Anesthesia Sensitivity: Sighthounds like Whippets and Greyhounds are sensitive to anesthesia, and this is believed to be because of their low body fat. Even one dose of anesthesia can be enough to kill a Whippet, so you want to make sure a trained veterinarian who understands these types of concerns takes care of your Whippet.
  • Eye Diseases: A variety of different eye defects are common with Whippets, so it’s essential to get clearances from your breeder on whether or not both parents are certified not to have these types of issues.
  • Von Willebrand’s Disease: This disorder causes your dog to have a hard time clotting their blood. This causes them to bleed more heavily when they are hurt, and it can cause nose bleeds and bleeding gums as well.

Whippets have thin skin, so they are more prone to getting cuts and lacerations, so you want to pay close attention to your pup when they come inside from playing to make sure they do not have any cuts on their body.

Whippet Feeding Chart

The amount of food your Whippet needs depends a lot on their age and level of activity. If you are racing your dog, they will require a lot more calories than a Whippet who was neutered/spayed and stays home all the time.

  • The average adult Whippet requires a daily calorie intake of 894 calories divided into two meals per day.
  • The average Whippet puppy requires a daily calorie intake of 733 calories divided into three or four meals per day.

Since Whippets are a medium sized dog, they don’t require any specific foods or feeding instructions because they could eat any kibble. They do not have any tooth concerns or chewing issues either.

When it comes to transitioning your Whippet off their current food and onto another brand, they are typically easy going with changes, but you still want to follow a standard procedure. It is not healthy to immediately switch your dog off their current diet because it’s not only difficult for them, but it could shock their system if the change is drastic.

Consider mixing 25% of the new food with 75% of the old to start and gradually increase the new food while decreasing the old over the next month.

The Best Dog Food For Whippets: Our 2023 Top 15 Picks

Now you have a thorough understanding of how to feed your Whippet and what the specific breed requires in terms of their health and dietary needs. It’s time we start looking at some actual examples of premium Whippet food. These foods contain real animal protein as the main ingredient, and they get supported by high-quality vegetables and healthy oils.

It’s essential always to keep your pup in mind and don’t take recommendations from people who don’t truly understand your dog. If you know that grains do not sit well with your Whippet than make sure you choose a grain-free food. If you know your pup is allergic to poultry than make sure to choose a different protein source. We’ll have plenty of options.

Here are our top 15 picks:

RankDog FoodPriceRating

Best Overall


Great Value


Most Popular


Super Premium

Best for Allergies$2.69/lb

Sensitive Stomachs




Most Affordable




Merrick Grain-Free Real Texas Beef and Sweet Potato

Overall Best Food for Whippet: Our choice for the best Whippet food is one that contains allergy-friendly nutritious beef and sweet potatoes which are easy to digest and packed full of protein. The recipe combines this protein source along with plenty of antioxidant-rich fruits and vitamin-packed vegetables in peas, apples, and blueberries.

The formula is grain-free and contains no gluten with ingredients that are meant to help your Whippet maintain their light and lean appearance. The poultry-free recipe is suited well for dogs who have allergies, and it contains no artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives.

  • Pros: Ideal for dogs with allergies, helps keep skin smooth and soft, lean protein, plenty of fruits and vegetables, contains a variety of healthy oils
  • Cons: Some pups do not like the large kibble, concerns over changes to the formula

Blue Buffalo Wilderness Grain-Free Chicken

Most Affordable Food: Blue Wilderness believes that all dogs should have a diet that consists of primary protein with a small number of vegetables and carbohydrates to back that up. They think that this diet closely resembles what their ancestors ate in the wild and that is how they developed the Wilderness line.

This formula uses protein from chicken along with antioxidant-rich fruits and LifeSource Bits. These are vitamin and mineral packed kibble pieces that give your pup the immunity boost they need to stay fit and healthy long-term. The recipe contains sweet potatoes, peas, and blueberries to balance out the protein.

  • Pros: A protein-rich diet is ideal for an active dog, lean source of protein from chicken, contains omega fatty acids to help with skin and coat
  • Cons: Some pups have a hard time eating the LifeSource Bits, concerns over inconsistent food quality

Taste of the Wild High Prairie Grain-Free Food

Most Popular Food: Sometimes it’s difficult for pet parents to decide on dog food because there are so many options and a lot of fads that tell you right from wrong. In our opinion, the best thing you can do if you are unsure is to follow other pet parents. This dog food has nearly 3000 five-star reviews, so it is one of the most recommended foods available online.

Taste of the Wild uses easily digestible premium proteins from buffalo, bison, and venison to offer lean nutrition and support to your Whippets muscles. The recipe adds vitamins and powerful antioxidants from an assortment of fruits and vegetables to support their overall health.

They round out the formula with plenty of omega fatty acids which are essential for your whippet’s skin health. This blend has 32% protein with 18% fat which is ideal for healthy and active adult dogs.

  • Pros: High protein and fat, premium proteins sources like buffalo and bison, well-balanced diet, contains probiotics for gut health, nearly 3000 positive reviews
  • Cons: Might be difficult to get your pup used to the flavor

Instinct by Nature’s Variety Raw Boost

Super Premium Food: Sometimes it helps to go with the best of the best and see what happens. This premium raw blended food comes with pieces of freeze-dried raw meat throughout to boost the amount of protein-packed nutrition your Whippet gets. The best Whippet food contains real meat-based proteins as the main ingredients, and this food does just that.

The recipe uses cage-free chicken as the first ingredient with probiotics throughout the help with digestive health. It contains no grain, potato, corn, wheat, soy, or by-products of any kind and it’s made in the USA with some of the finest ingredients from all over the world. The formula contains 37% protein with 20.5% fat.

  • Pros: Raw pieces of real meat mixed in, high protein food, real meat as the main ingredients, contains probiotics
  • Cons: Contains some fillers like tomato pomace, the high protein could be too much for pups with sensitive stomachs

Natural Balance Limited Ingredient Diet Sweet Potato and Venison

Best Food for Whippet with Allergies: If your Whippet suffers from skin or food allergies, they might need a formula that limits the number of ingredients they consume. The problem with a lot of cheaper dog foods is they combine a ton of different protein sources into one food, and that causes your dog to have an adverse reaction.

When they have that reaction, there are so many different sources of protein that it is impossible to identify what the problem is. Sometimes it helps to choose a food that contains one protein and nothing else.

This recipe uses venison as the only source of protein, and it is lean meat that helps keep your pup fit. Alongside that is a limited amount of carbs with no artificial flavors or colors. The recipe also uses flaxseed which is a great ingredient that provides essential oils to your dog’s skin.

  • Pros: Limited ingredient formula is great for allergies, no artificial flavoring or color, single animal protein source, contains plenty of omega fatty acids for skin health
  • Cons: Sometimes causes a bad odor on dogs’ fur, kibble size may be too small causing dogs to choke

Wellness Simple Limited Ingredient Lamb and Oatmeal

Best Food for Whippet with Sensitive Stomachs: Wellness believes in having a reason behind every ingredient they choose, and that is why we chose them for your Whippet with a sensitive stomach. The critical thing to think about when your dog has a sensitive stomach is that the ingredients in their food might be too rich.

Rich ingredients cause stomach problems because they often contain too much protein and fat which results in vomiting or diarrhea. Wellness Simple uses a limited ingredient formula with lamb and oatmeal as the primary ingredients. These two components are highly digestible, and that is what makes them perfect for dogs with stomach issues.

The recipe also contains plenty of probiotics to help with digestion and has a low protein and fat content of 21% protein, 12% fat to be easy on their stomach.

  • Pros: Simple and easily digestible ingredients, low protein and fat, improve skin allergies and upset stomachs
  • Cons: Contains canola oil and tomato pomace which are low-quality ingredients, food has a strong odor that might cause some pups to turn their nose

3 More Top Rated (5 Star) Whippet Adult Foods

Blue Buffalo Life Protection Chicken and Brown Rice

There is a lot of talk about grain-free vs. grain containing foods. Some researchers say that there are connections between grain-free foods and heart issues. Some pet nutritionists say not including grain in your dog’s food can cause cardiomyopathy and a slew of other heart issues.

This food and the following two contain grain primarily in the form of brown rice and barley which are two high-quality sources. This recipe from Blue Buffalo starts with real meat followed by whole grains, vegetables, and fruit. The formula is well-balanced and provides all the nutrients your dog needs to grow strong and healthy.

American Journey Beef and Brown Rice

This popular recipe from American Journey contains a high amount of protein along with whole grains that balance out your Whippets diet. The formula uses deboned beef as the first ingredient with premium fruits and vegetables like blueberries and carrots. The recipe contains a ton of antioxidants and natural fibers that regulate digestion and keep your dog feeling lean and mean.

American Journey uses no by-products wheat, corn, or soy in any of their foods and this one contains 25% protein with 15% fat which is an optimal nutritional breakdown.

Nutro Wholesome Essentials Chicken and Brown Rice

Something we immediately like about Nutro is that they raise all their chicken in the US and always use chicken as the first ingredient in their foods. This recipe contains high-quality grains like brown rice and barley. The recipe is well-balanced and rounded out with plenty of fruits and vegetables to give your pup the antioxidant and immunity boost they need.

The recipe contains a protein content of 22% with a fat of 14% which is ideal for most Whippets who are moderately active. It would be great if they could feature probiotics in this food because they are an important part of maintaining a healthy digestive system.

3 More Top Rated (5 Star) Whippet Puppy Foods

RankDog FoodPriceRating
Overall Best $1.78/lb
Most Affordable$2.42/lb
Most Popular$0.36/oz

Taste of the Wild Pacific Stream Grain-Free Puppy Formula

Taste of the Wild uses high-quality proteins in this recipe like salmon, and the grain-free formula contains peas and sweet potatoes to offer your pup a well-rounded and highly nutritious meal. Along with the proteins and vegetables your Whippet puppy benefits from chicory root which is an excellent ingredient for promoting healthy digestion and nutrient absorption.

This puppy recipe has 27% protein with 15% fat and contains a variety of healthy oils like salmon oil which is an essential source of DHA.

Wellness CORE Grain-Free Puppy Chicken and Turkey

The key to health for your Whippet puppy is offering them a ton of nutrition packed into lean protein sources that they can consume daily. Chicken and turkey provide the best source of lean protein that will help your pup grow healthy and strong. This recipe contains the optimal amount of calories for healthy growth, and it comes with DHA for cognitive development.

Along with novel protein sources, this recipe also contains a vast array of healthy vegetables and fruits which offer vitamins and antioxidants that you Whippet needs to stay healthy. The recipe has 36% protein and 18% fat which is ideal for the growth of puppies.

Nutro Puppy Tender Grain-Free Chicken and Sweet Potato Bites in Gravy

This unique recipe from Nutro contains tender chicken, sweet potatoes, and peas in a moist food in gravy that will please every Whippet puppy. The diet contains a high amount of protein that can get served by itself or as a topper to dry kibble. The food does not have any by-products, corn, soy, wheat, or artificial anything.

The food comes in a ready-to-serve tray that portions the food out for you, so you don’t have to worry about scooping anything out. It has 8% protein and 4% fat, so it is meant as a treat or topper to kibble.

3 More Picks For Senior Whippet Foods

RankDog FoodPriceRating

Most Affordable


Overall Best

Most Popular$4.73/lb

CANIDAE Grain-Free Pure Senior Chicken, Sweet Potato, and Garbanzo Beans

This senior formula uses chicken and sweet potatoes as the main ingredients, and the formula itself contains only nine ingredients. Within those components, there is zero corn, wheat, or soy, so you know your senior is getting the best of the best. This Whippet food contains ingredients that are highly digestible like sweet potatoes and garbanzo beans which is essential for dogs as they age.

The recipe also contains an assortment of probiotics to help with digestive health. It has 28% protein and 10% fat.

Nulo Freestyle Trout and Sweet Potato

If you are concerned about your Whippet seniors’ weight and you want to try lean sources of protein that will help him lose weight you could try this formula from Nulo. The recipe uses trout as the first ingredient which is known to be a lean protein that is ideal for older dogs. The formula includes glucosamine and chondroitin which are also excellent for joint health.

Nulo does not use chicken or egg product in this food so it works well for Whippets who might have allergies or sensitivities to poultry.

Castor and Pollux Organix Grain-Free Organic Senior Recipe

Sometimes good isn’t good enough, and you want to give your senior the absolute best that money can buy. This recipe from Castor and Pollux contains a complete organic lineup of top-notch proteins and organic vegetables. This recipe uses free-range chicken which is an excellent source of joint-healthy glucosamine.

All the proteins cooked in this recipe are USDA certified organic, and they are all cooked in organically certified kitchens in the US, free from soy, corn, and gluten. The formula contains the highest quality ingredients including some of the ideal oils like coconut and sunflower oil which work wonders on a sensitive Whippet’s skin.

Our FAQ And Whippet Feeding Guide

By this point, you should have a thorough understanding of what kinds of food to feed your Whippet. It’s essential always to remember that real meat-based protein should be the first ingredient in their diet and you never want to find corn or by-products in any of their foods.

Where and how should I store my dog food?

Something equally important when it comes to buying premium Whippet food is where you store it. You want to make sure you store your Whippet’s food away from any household contaminants or allergens. Their skin is so sensitive because they do not have a protective barrier or oil on their skin as some dogs do.

Be careful storing the food around sprays, chemicals, or candles. Also, it’s best to try and find a food that has a resealable bag, and if you cannot, it helps to buy an airtight container to store their food. Doing this locks in the freshness if you buy the food in bulk.

You might have an excellent understanding of what kind of food to buy for your Whippet, but we understand there might be some unanswered questions still. Here are the most frequently asked questions people have about Whippet food and feeding their pup:

Is it okay to feed my Whippet table scraps?

As long as you feed them the right things and you do so in moderation we believe the answer is, yes. You do not want to feed your pup anything greasy or sweet. If the food contains sugar, you never want to give it to your Whippet because you are creating bad habits. Feeding them at the table will lead to begging and poor obedience.

Should I feed my Whippet a grain-free food?

There is a ton of controversy around this issue, and there are some people who will preach the grain-free diet and others who will claim it hurts your pup. Our opinion on this subject is to see how your Whippet handles grains and then make a decision. If your dog eats gluten and has no problem digesting it than you should have no reason to feed him or her a grain-free diet.

What are some of the worst ingredients to find in dog food?

It makes us upset to go to a pet store or look online and discover how many lousy elements get included in many popular dog foods. Brands like Purina and Kibbles n’ Bits get away with murder when you take a look at their ingredient list. Here are some of the poor-quality components you’ll find in their foods:

  • Animal by-products – By-products are the scraps left after all the good cuts of meat get stripped from the animal. By this point, the animal may have decomposed and gotten sprayed with chemicals or pesticides. These are never high-quality, and while they might supply your dog with the protein they need, by-products are the leading cause of most pet food recalls.
  • Corn Syrup/Sugar – There is no reason for sugar to get added in dog foods because it does nothing more than mask the flavor of the food. Low-quality food manufacturers add sugar to their foods because they do not taste good to dogs. As a result, your pup gets addicted to the sugar (same as humans) and refuses to eat other foods that do not contain the sweet flavor.
  • BHA/BHT – These are chemical preservatives that are a known carcinogen and illegal in some countries. Bottom shelf dog food companies use them as a cheap preservative in their foods because they are cost effective and easy to obtain.

Is Canola Oil bad for my Whippet?

The answer here is yes and no; we try to recommend foods that do not contain canola oil because it is a low-quality oil. It is not immediately bad for your pup, and it wouldn’t harm them if they ate something cooked in the oil but its a highly processed oil that isn’t of the same quality as coconut or sunflower oil.

Whippet Dog Food – A Final Word

We’re so glad you made it through this complete breakdown of Whippet nutrition and the top 15 picks for the best Whippet food of 2023.

Remember the importance of choosing a high-quality whippet food that contains real meat as the first ingredient along with plenty of healthy vegetables and fruits plus the highest quality oils available. Your Whippet needs these to maintain their lean muscle mass and healthy skin.

Remember the importance of choosing a high-quality whippet food that contains real meat as the first ingredient along with plenty of healthy vegetables and fruits plus the highest quality oils available. Your Whippet needs these to maintain their lean muscle mass and healthy skin.

Be sure to do your due-diligence on whether a grain-free or limited ingredient diet is necessary based on your Whippets ability to digest their food.

If you need any help choosing the right food for your Whippet, we highly recommend picking one of the top 15 picks reviewed above!

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