American Curl Cat

Did You Know?

American Curls retain most of their kitten like personality even when they grow older, earning their nickname ‘Peter Pan’.


Small to medium, weighing 5 to 10 pounds.


Two coat varieties, medium (shorthair) and long (longhair)


Numerous colors, patterns and shadings. Colors include: white, Blue, Black, Red, Cream, Lilac, Silver, Golden, Chocolate, and Brown.

Life Span

The average life expectancy is 12 to 16 years.

The American Curl is a cat breed native to the US. This poised and elegant cat will easily become the center of attention at your home with its cute face and perky expression. The feline breed is known for their people loving personality and is most likely to follow you around the house and welcome you home with a warm greeting after a long day at work.

Physical Characteristics

This well muscled cat was named for its unique curled ears. American Curls are not born with curled ears, but rather develop them with maturity. The coat texture of this friendly breed is silky. The hair length can range from short to long. This cat breed can be found in numerous colors and patterns. They have remarkable eyes that hold an alert appearance. These cats are medium sized with an elegant arched body and long tail.

American Curl Pictures

Personality and Temperament

Curls are known for their loving and friendly demeanor. They are exceedingly people oriented and love to be surrounded by their family members. Include them in your day to day activities and you will have one happy cat. These loving cats are comfortable around children and adapt well with other house pets

These cats are not communicative and may appear shy and timid at first. Curls mostly communicate with their owners through quiet cooing noises and retain most of their kitten-like personality even when they grow older, earning their nickname ‘Peter Pan’.  These fun loving and joyous cats love to play fetch and are fond of playing hide and seek with their owners. These intelligent and curious cats are known to monitor your every step, though they are not too bossy or demanding by nature.

Like most cats, the Curls take the utmost pleasure in causing mischief and climbing hard to reach places, like the top of the refrigerator and even bookshelves. Because of its easygoing and playful nature, the cat is a perfect choice for large families with kids. However, monitor your toddler’s playtime with the cat to prevent accidents. Curls do not like being left alone for long periods of time and may suffer from isolation. Consider your work schedule before adopting an American Curl.

Health and Care

American Curls are generally healthy but are prone to suffer from common ‘cat diseases.’ Brush your cat’s teeth every day or once a week at the least to prevent periodontal diseases. Trim their nails after every few days or when you deem necessary. To prevent your cat from the dangers of the outside world, keep them indoors as much as possible.

Fortunately, American Curls have coats that are easy to take care of. While some cats of the breed have longer hair, others sport a much shorter coat. Brush or comb the Curl’s hair weekly to prevent it from tangling. Running the comb backwards help remove fur balls and excess dead hair which may have accumulated. Check your cat’s ear regularly. Wipe it with a clean cotton cloth. Avoid using a cotton swab as it may damage the cat’s inner ear and cartilage.

American Curls are likely to shed more during the winters and rarely ever need a bath because of their tendency to groom themselves without your help. Cats tend to be particular about their bathroom hygiene, hence clean their litter box regularly unless you want the Curl to start exploring other bathroom options.

History and Background

The American Curl came to being as a result of genetic mutation. They are among the youngest cat breeds. The first cat was named Shulamith and appeared as a kitten at the doors of Joe and Grace Ruga. The American Curl was the first cat breed with two coat lengths to be recognized by the CFA.

The loving and incredibly friendly American Curl is the perfect choice for families. The smart breed is great with kids and will be an excellent addition to your family.