Nebelung Cat

Did You Know?

The Nebelung is a re-creation of the Russian Blue. It is still a rare breed and difficult to find.


Nebelung is a medium-sized cat, with males weighing 8-11 pounds and females 7-9 pounds.


Long, dense, silky, heavy undercoat


Blue is the most common color of the Nebelung, closely followed by silver gray.

Life Span

11-16 years

Often dubbed as the “cat of the mist,” the Nebelung is a shy, loyal, and intelligent cat breed that gets its name from the German word “Nebel.” The word means mist or fog. The rarely found domestic cat is a lifelong loyal companion that gladly accepts the company of her owners and other pets.They live up to 11-16 years.

Physical Characteristics of Nebelung

The International Cat Association describes the Nebelung as a medium-sized, muscular cat breed with a long body. A wedge-shaped head is typical of the Nebelung, with large ears that have pointed tips and a wide base, giving her a distinct Oriental look. Rich, vivid green oval-shaped eyes set wide apart are a key physical trait of this cat breed. However, the Nebelung kittens may have yellowish-green eyes in the beginning, which develop into deep green by the time they are two years old. Their nose pad is charcoal gray.

Her long, slender neck looks shorter with a luxurious semi-long, thick, soft yet silky coat with a dense undercoat. A thick plume is a characteristic feature of her long tail. Her firm muscular body gives her the look of the elegant muscular-built Russian Blue, with the most striking difference being the coat length.

Supporting her muscular body are her long, medium-boned legs, which are held firmly by her well-rounded oval paws that look like “balls.” When she walks, it looks as if she is walking on the balls of her feet due to the generous amount of tufting between her toes. They have a long tail that is almost as long as her elongated, muscular body. The male members of the cat breed boast a distinct neck ruff.

The silver-tipped guard hair accent the bright blue coat, creating a halo effect.

Nebelung Cat Pictures

Personality and Temperament of Nebelung

Affectionate, devoted, and playful, the mild-tempered kitty is shy around strangers but a true companion to her human parents. The soft-spoken cat showers her love upon her human family and rarely gives you sleepless nights, earning her the reputation as a gentle human companion.

Although she has a reserved nature and does best in a quiet environment, she loves to play and jump around. She is not too interested to be up close to guests and may not receive her immediate attention unless she decides to interact. The sensitive cat doesn’t want to be ignored. The lack of attention can hurt her if she doesn’t receive the same amount of affection in return, making her feel anxious or fearful.

The active kitty knows how to keep her entertained when she is alone at home. Unlike other active, intelligent breeds, the Nebelung is not destructive but carries herself with grace. Laugh with her at her subtle sense of humor that never fails to entertain. She never likes being made fun of and has a strong sense of self-worth.

This cat is a faithful friend but she doesn’t like change. The Nebelung promises to be a cuddly buddy who is happy to spend time with you and follow you from one room to another.

The cat breed loves silence and doesn’t like too noisy or chaotic homes. They are unhappy with rambunctious kids and pets. Wait until your toddler children get older before welcoming a Nebelung in your family.

Health and Care

The cat breed is generally healthy. However, to keep her silky coat shiny and mat-free, it is important to give him three or four grooming sessions a week. The cat has a hearty appetite. This means she can quickly turn stout in no time.

The Nebelung has a lifespan of 11 to 16 years.

History and Background

The history of the Nebelung began when Cora Cobb gifted a black domestic shorthair to her son. The shorthair was named Elsa, who later produced a litter of five when mated with a Russian Blue. The litter had one kitten with distinct characteristics from others. This curious male cat had long blue hair and was named Siegfried. Elsa produced another blue longhair, who was named Brunhilde. These two cats were identified as the first Nebelungs, meaning creatures of the mist, due to their unique appearance.

The TICA recognized the Nebelung in 1987.  Since 1988, the breed has increased in fame and number. The cat breed is still waiting for recognition from the Cat Fanciers Association.