Catswell Nutrisca Cat Food Review 2023 – Is Catswell a Good Cat Food?

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Catswell Nutrisca has been discontinued and is no longer available

When choosing branded food for your cats, your first priority will always be products that are manufactured using the highest-quality ingredients. Unlike dogs, cats are strict carnivores. For the optimum health and fitness, they need a diet rich in protein and free from ingredients like gluten, soy, and grains. While some vegetables and fruits can be nutritious for felines, what they need most is protein, along with essential taurine and fatty acids. These minerals are impossible to derive from low-grade pet food.

For ensuring that cats get the highest quality of nutrition, Catswell has the Nutrisca line of premium cat food. Catswell is the cat food section of pet food company Dogswell. The mission of the company is to keep pet happy and healthy by providing them with a nutritious diet. As a result, the food and treats they manufacture are not just nutrient-rich, but also delicious enough to make pets look forward to mealtimes.

Several pet food brands claim to be “healthy,” but once you take a closer look at their ingredients, you know it isn’t true. Cheap pet food brands regularly use ingredients like soy and corn because they are cheaper than animal protein and result in lower manufacturing costs. The end product is often low grade and unhealthy for cats and dogs. Very often, even the brands that claim to be “premium” use undesirable ingredients like artificial colors and flavors, fillers, and harmful preservatives.

Nutrisca is different from such brands. When they advertise themselves as “healthy,” they really mean it. You can look at their ingredients again and again, and still be sure that your cat is eating a meal of the highest quality. The main proteins in Nutrisca cat food are animal proteins such as salmon, chicken, and lamb. Besides animal protein, the cat food is also enriched with added minerals and vitamins, plus Omega 3 fatty acids and DHA. Even when cats are essentially carnivores, there are certain vegetables and fruits that are nutritious for them, and Nutrisca uses those in their products. For instance, cranberries are essential for urinary tract health of cats, and it is present in all Nutrisca cat food.

The company Dogswell was founded in 2004 by Marco Giannini, who owned a dog with hip dysplasia. While giving his pet pills for her condition, Giannini wondered if there was an alternative to medicine for treating health issues in pets. He realized that a lot of health issues in pets could be solved with a nutritious diet. Dogswell was the first ever pet food company that made food fortified with Glucosamine and Chondroitin, which are helpful in treating hip and joint issues in dogs and cats.

While all other products from Dogswell are made in the US, Nutrisca cat food is manufactured in Thailand. All the manufacturing facilities maintain strict quality standards to prevent contamination. There are third-party auditors to make sure all food safety controls and procedures are followed.

Types of cat food

Nutrisca manufactured food keeping mind the different types of cats and their varied needs. Whether you have a cat with digestive problems, allergies, loose stools, or other sensitivities, there is something to suit every kitty at Nutrisca.

There are two lines of cat food by Nutrisca, wet and dry. Not only do these tasty meals fill their tummies, but the nutrients in them boost their health and immunity. Every product is loaded with vitamins, minerals or supplements that provide functional health benefits besides the regular nutrition. All Nutrisca products are manufactured using naturally sourced, high quality, real ingredients, fit for human consumption. They are free from potential allergens like corn, soy, wheat, sugar, potatoes, artificial colors, flavors or preservatives.

The Truly Shredded wet food line has twelve recipes, so you can keep giving your kitty a variety of meals. They are delicious, with a sumptuous gravy, so much so that your cats will keep licking. The recipes include:

Chicken & Chicken Liver Entrée, which is made with real chicken, along with the liver of chicken, preserved in a delicious gravy. Additionally, the meal is fortified with prebiotics, minerals, and vitamins for all-round health.

Chicken & Shrimp Entrée, which contains real chicken and juicy shrimp, cooked and preserved in their own tasty broth. The meal is strengthened with prebiotics, vitamins, and minerals for overall health and vitality.

Sardine & Seabream Entrée, which is made with high-quality seafood like sardine and seabream. Seafood is rich in phosphorous and calcium, which cats needs for strong bones, teeth, and vision. This gravy meal is also fortified with additional nutrients for boosting immunity and keeping illnesses at bay.

Tuna Entrée, which is made from high quality tuna and stored in its own delicious broth. Which cat doesn’t love tuna? When you feed your kitty this amazing meal from Nutrisca, you are not only filling her tummy but also boosting her immunity and overall health.

The dry food line is totally grain and potato free and has a perfect balance of meat and veggies. Even though cats are carnivores, they do require certain amounts of fruits and vegetables for the optimum nutrition. Keeping that in mind, Nutrisca manufactures the dry cat food line, which can be used a complete meal or as a topper for wet food.

There are two recipes in this line:

Chicken Recipe Cat Food, which is made with real chicken, along with peas, chickpeas, vegetables, and fruits for complete nutrition.

Salmon Recipe Cat Food, which is made with real salmon, fruits, and vegetables for all-around nutrition of your kitty.

All the recipes are suitable for all types of adult cats at all life stages.

Recall history

Nutrisca has not had any recall so far, making them a truly healthy and nutritious cat food brand to choose.

Where to buy?

Nutrisca products are often hard to find at stores, the only negative thing about this brand. Very few people seem to know about this brand, and even when they do, the stores just don’t stock them. If you do not find them at pet stores or retail supermarkets like Walmart and Target, you can easily buy them online at, Amazon, and other online pet food stores.

What customers think

All Nutrisca cat food products have a very high rating. On, the Nutrisca Grain-Free Chicken Recipe Dry Cat Food scores 4.7 out of 5 and is recommended by 91 percent of the reviewers. Almost all reviews on are positive. Some of them are:

“I hope this helps other consumers especially cat and dog lovers like me. This cat food is great for my cat. She loves chicken flavor and she can do without Salmon. I say this because Nutrisca has a salmon flavor. This food changed her life. It is holistic, and it gave her a nice shiny coat and she just loves to nibble on it throughout the day. My cat is big especially for a female so her nibbles are bigger than probably for normal sized cats. Then we watch her get down and eat this food and she likes how it crunches. She looks healthy. This food has no byproduct. The dry foods with byproduct hurt her and we tried so many different kinds and science diet is the same GMO vets recommend it and they do because they sale it in their office. I never believed in Science Diet , but I do believe in Nutrisca because it makes my cat’s life better.” – Nicki

“I have nine cats and everybody likes it. My cats usually don’t like small pellets, but they clearly didn’t mind with this food. They love it.” – Catwoman

“It’s hard to find a dry cat food that is fish free (our fur babies don’t like fish) and Nutrisca fits the bill, all 7 of them like it and I feel it is a high quality kibble at a good price.” – CatFool

Nutrisca Grain-Free Chicken Recipe Dry Cat Food

Rating: 4.7 out of 5

First five ingredients: Chicken, Chicken Meal, Peas, Turkey Meal, Chickpeas

Cats are picky eaters, so you must always give them the best. Nutrisca Grain-Free Chicken Recipe is made from the highest quality chicken, derived from free-grazing poultry. This recipe is free of grains, gluten, and potatoes. The natural fibers help in digestion and gastrointestinal health, the antioxidants boost the immune system, cranberries help in urinary tract health, and the omega 3 & 6 fatty acids preserve the health of the skin and coat. There are no added flavors, colors, or artificial preservatives in this recipe.

When switching your cat to a new product, always make sure to consult the vet.

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