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Crave Cat Food Review 2023 – Is Crave a Good Cat Food?

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Crave is a pet food brand by Mars Petcare known for making protein rich, grain-free, meat-first recipes, much like the diets of wolves and cats found in the wild. The meals are meant to provide sufficient nutrition so the pet is lean and strong and is active.

Crave was launched by renowned American pet food company Mars Petcare in July 2017. Crave is built on the principle that dogs and cats are predatory in nature. Even though they are domesticated now, their natural habitat lies in the wild, up there with wolves and wildcats. Despite being tamed now, their genetics have not changed. They still need a natural diet of meat to remain their healthiest. They need food that replicates their natural feeding habits in the wild because no matter how much they are tamed and domesticated, they are wild at heart.

Keeping this mind, Mars Petcare has launched Crave, a range of high protein diets that cater to the instinctual needs of dogs and cats, providing them with the necessary nutrients for the maximum fitness and health. These grain-free, protein-rich meals not only satisfy your pet’s nutritional needs but also keep them healthy and strong. All Crave meals are made from real meat, and the minimal processing and zero chemicals and preservatives make sure the nutrients are intact.

Mars is the same company that makes Mars candy bars and is headquartered in Virginia. Crave products, however, are manufactured at their state-of-the-art plant in Tennessee. All processing meets strict safety and quality standards, to deliver premium pet food for your furry companions.

Types of cat food

There are two types of cat food manufactured by Crave: dry and wet. All meals contain real meat, just the way cats like. You can choose from chicken, beef, salmon, trout, turkey, and various other meats for your little feline.

The recipes from the dry cat food line are:

  • Crave Indoor With Protein From Chicken + Salmon
  • Crave With Protein From Chicken
  • Crave With Protein From Salmon + Ocean Fish

The Crave wet cat food line recipes are:

  • Chicken Paté
  • Turkey Paté
  • Salmon Paté

What makes Crave different?

Crave manufactures pet food keeping in mind the natural diet of the wolves and wildcats. Not only are the meals made to suit the instinctual desires of the cats, but are also manufactured adhering to the highest safety and quality standards. Minimal processing means the nutrients remain intact, and no added chemicals or preservatives ensure that your pet gets only wholesome food.

The three factors that set Crave cat food apart are:

Real Meat

Crave believes that dogs and cats are meant to each meat-based food because they are carnivorous by nature. They aren’t like humans that eat everything from meat, and grains, to vegetables, for a balanced diet. A vegetarian diet is not appropriate for the cat because they need vitamins and minerals present only in meat and fish. One such mineral is taurine, found only in fish and chicken, which is essential for a cat. Other necessary nutrients are fatty acids, amino acids, and some amount of carbohydrates, which promote all-around health of the cat.

Crave cat food is made from real meat, with over 50 percent of the meal protein-rich. The first ingredient of every cat meal is real meat– no bones, tissues, or by-products. This makes you sure that the food you are feeding your pet is made from high quality sourced human-grade meat. There is no filler, thickener, or preservative whatsoever. The meat and fish used for every meal is fit for human consumption.

High protein

Did you know that cats need protein more than dogs do? Yes, that’s because cats are carnivores, whereas dogs are omnivores. The physiology and nutritional needs of a cat are much like lions, tigers and other members of the feline family. Cats need protein to produce energy and need more of certain amino acids for building muscles and strength. Unlike other domesticated animals like dogs, pigs, and chicken, cats have a far higher protein requirement. High-quality and easy to digest protein is especially required for growing kittens and cats that are pregnant or nursing.

That’s the reason why Crave cat food is complete and protein-rich. The meat and fish used in the meals are organic and fresh, so the nutrients remain intact. If you feed your kitty Crave cat food, you can rest assured that she is getting a balanced diet, with all the vital nutrients that she needs.

Grain free

Cats do not require grains and can have severe health issues caused by grain or gluten. This is because cats are strictly carnivorous; they are meant to eat meat, not grains. It is only natural that they will be intolerant to grains and gluten. Grain-based pet food can cause diarrhea, irritable bowel syndrome, asthma, and allergic skin reactions.

Crave cat food recipes are completely free from any kind of grain, so your kitty can enjoy her meals without any health problems. The protein-rich food is free of preservatives, growth hormones, additives, or fillers, and can be safely consumed by all adult kitties.

Recall history

Although Crave hasn’t had any recall yet, Mars Petcare had one instance of recall in 2016, when it voluntarily recalled a limited number of CESAR® Classics Filet Mignon Flavor Wet Dog Food because of the potential presence of plastic that entered the food during the production process. No other product from Mars Petcare has had any recall so far.

What do customers think?

The brand review would not be complete without mentioning what customers think of the Crave line of cat food. On, the Crave with Chicken Adult High-Protein Grain-Free Dry Cat Food has a 4.7 rating out of 5, with over 98 percent of the reviewers recommending it to cat owners.

Some of the reviews are:

“This food is wonderful our precious kitty loves it. We switched to Crave after watching a documentary about what goes into most cat food brands. Our kitty has lost weight (she was about 2-3 pounds overweight) she is more active – she seems happier, and her coat is shiny. I am so very happy we switched to Crave. We follow the feeding amount instructions and measure out 1/2 a cup each morning and give it to her throughout the day. She loves it and runs around the house much more than she used to. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!” – DragonFly

“This food is enjoyed by two very discerning cats. In addition, it has given their fur a healthy sheen and the chunkier one lost weight!” – Mahi

“The pieces of this food are way bigger than my cats’ precious dry food but they don’t care. They love this food and the wet food from this brand as well. I’m also very pleased because since switching to this food I haven’t had any issues with them vomiting, fingers crossed that continues to be the case!” – BSPS

Crave with Chicken Adult High-Protein Grain-Free Dry Cat Food Review

Rating: 4.7 out of 5

Main ingredients: Chicken, Chicken Meal, Pea Protein, Split Peas, Chicken Fat (preserved with Mixed Tocopherols), Tapioca, Fish Meal, Dried Plain Beet Pulp, Potato Protein, etc.

Unlike most other cat foods, Crave meals are more than 40 percent protein, which ensures that your kitty gets the best nutrition. In fact, when it comes to protein-rich cat food, Crave features right at the top. This is a great alternative to canned cat food. Even though the pieces are big, they are easy to consume and digest by all adult cats. Made from human-grade chicken, Crave with Chicken Adult High-Protein Dry Cat Food can be used mixed with other cat food, or as a complete meal in itself.

According to the feeding instructions, a small cat weighing no more than four pounds should be given one-fourth of a pack, while a grown, adult cat weighing 20 pounds or more should be given one full pack. When giving your kitty Crave Cat Food for the first time, it is advised that the recipe is mixed with her current food to help her get used to the new food. Give plenty of water to keep your cat hydrated.

Besides this one, there are a range of other flavors of wet and dry food that you could choose for your beloved kitty. These high protein meals keep your pet strong and fit, yet lean and active. Crave cat food are ideal for all adult cats, including those with sensitivities and allergies.

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