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Did You Know? Fun Facts & Interesting Insights Into Dog Food & Nutrition

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Did You Know?

A lot of the most recognizable dog food brands have switched hands more than once.

Usually new ownership means new budgets which lead to new formulations… which can affect the quality of the food. TruthAboutPetFood uncovered a few of the biggest movers:

Milk-Bone has been owned by 6 different corporations.
Natural Balance has been owned by 5 different corporations.
Kibbles ‘n Bits has been owned by 6 different corporations.
Rachael Ray Nutrish has been owned by 3 different corporations.

Veterinarians are rarely trained in pet nutrition.

In veterinary school the focus isn’t on preventative health so most students only get a class or two to understand the basics of what makes a good dog food.

Veterinary nutritionists make up a very small subset of all graduates. Most of them are employed by pet food companies to help formulate and study recipes.

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