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Dr. Gary’s Cat Food Review 2023 – Is Best Breed a Good Cat Food?

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Dr. Gary Cotton, the man behind the pet food brand Best Breed, has always believed that the quality of pet food is only as good as the ingredients and the processing. Several pet food brands have little concern about the ingredients they use. Low-quality ingredients and a poor processing system severely affect the integrity of the end product. Owners tend to trust the ingredients that are used in the products because they don’t completely understand what’s good and what’s not. Only when their pet falls ill, they realize that something must have been wrong with the food.

Dr. Gary’s Best Breed has been manufacturing holistic, wholesome dog and cat food since 1994. The food is manufactured at their plant in Ohio using a handcrafted, slow-cooking process which helps to keep the nutritional integrity of the ingredients intact. Besides, the ingredients used are always the highest quality, fit for human consumption.

The Best Breed brand has been built on the principles of integrity, trust, and honesty. Best Breed claims to put aside marketing and cost control practices and simply manufacture the healthiest pet food. Dr. Gary Cotton was a practicing veterinarian back in 1994 when he began to notice illnesses in pets caused by nutritional deficiencies. He realized that the health of pets could be greatly improved by changing their diets. After years of recommending diet changes to his clients, he finally decided to start his own line of pet food, which would be nutritionally wholesome and holistic.

A nutritionally-rich diet is what Best Breed is all about. When you buy Best Breed products, you can be sure of giving your kitty a healthy diet, free from artificial ingredients, fillers, or animal by-products. That’s the philosophy of the brand, which has stood the test of time for over 20 years.

Types of cat food

There are two lines of cat food from Best Breed: Best Breed Grain Free Cat Diet and Best Breed Cat Diet.

The Grain Free Cat Diet is specially formulated for sensitive kitties that are intolerant to grain, gluten, or other similar ingredients. The recipe is free from potatoes and tapioca (because of their high-glycemic index, which is bad for diabetic cats), so even kitties with sensitivities can enjoy the meal without getting sick. Chicken, whitefish, and eggs are premium sources of protein and help in the development of lean muscles, strong teeth, and bones. The vegetables and fruits used in the recipe have a low-glycemic index, like chickpeas, green peas, and red lentils.

There are added minerals, vitamins, fatty acids, and fiber, which not only promote overall health, but also help in urinary tract health, hairball management, promote good vision and gastrointestinal health, and give a shiny coat.

Best Breed Cat Diet has been developed to provide a nutritious diet to all types of cats, regardless of age or weight. This is one of those rare pet food recipes that can be fed to both adult cats and kittens. This meal has been specially formulated to help with the many health issues of cats, including digestive problems, hairballs, and loose stools.

This recipe is a complete, balanced meal made from high-quality low-ash fate and meats that aid in easier digestion and allow for the maximum nutrition. Chicken, menhaden fish, and eggs are some of the premium protein sources which not only help build lean and strong muscles but also provide the proper nutrition for strong bones and teeth. The fatty acids make the coat and skin shiny and healthy, the digestible fiber makes stools firm and controls hairballs, minerals and taurine promote good vision, and cranberries maintain urinary tract health. Besides being healthy, the meal is also extremely tasty and aromatic, which cats will love.

What makes Best Breed different?

There are several reasons why Best Breed is one of the most trusted pet food brands of all time:

Over 20 years in business: Since 1994, Best Breed has been manufacturing premium food for dogs and cats. The founder, Dr. Gary Cotton, is a veterinarian who understands the needs of pets and created these recipes accordingly.

Highest-quality ingredients: The difference between Best Breed and other pet food brands is the quality of the ingredients. Unlike many other brands that use low-grade ingredients like animal by-products, unhealthy grains, and gluten, Best Breed sources the highest quality meat and fish, originally fit for human consumption. Some of the ingredients are antibiotic-free chicken sourced from the US, wild-caught whitefish and salmon from the US and Canada, and free-grazing lamb from New Zealand. Some recipes also contain healthy grains, which are nutritious for cats and dogs.

Packaging: Best Breed keeps the freshness of the ingredients intact by packing the food in high oxygen-barrier resealable bags.

Unique manufacturing process: The food at Best Breed is manufactured using a low-temperature, slow-cook process, which keeps the nutrients intact. Besides, the food is manufactured in small batches, ensuring close monitoring over the production process. All ingredients used in Best Breed products are completely organic, free of preservatives, additives, and GMO.

Recall history

In its 20+ year history, Best Breed has never had a recall. This is very rare for a pet food brand and makes Best Breed one of the most trusted brands of cat food.

Where to buy

Best Breed cat food is available at all leading pet stores and supermarkets like Target and Walmart. You can also buy them at online stores like Chewy.com, Amazon, and other popular online pet food stores.

What customers think

Best Breed ranks high with cat owners. On Chewy.com, Best Breed Grain-Free All Life Stages Dry Cat Food scores 5 out of 5 and is recommended by all reviewers. All the reviews for the product are positive. Some of them are as follows:

“I have three cats so finding a food that fits all of their needs is difficult. One cat is a senior and one has a very sensitive stomach. I have been feeding this food for about 3 months now and everyone is doing great on it! No throwing up, good stools, and soft, shiny coats.” – JillPill

“I gradually phased this new food into my cats’ diet over about 4 days. I gradually added more to their current food until it was all the new food. They seem to be quite happy with this food and are eating it with no problems. It is made with quality ingredients. The zip lock top resealable bags are very nice too. A side benefit, I don’t think their poop smells nearly as bad as it did with their previous food. I give this food 2 thumbs up.” – Skoobie

“I have 4 cats and each has their individual taste making it hard to find a cat food that they all like. I have been feeding very expensive dry cat food typically giving them options. I feed wet food for lunch and dinner, and have dry food available throughout the day; typically 3-4 different flavors. Much to my surprise they all went for the new option . . .Dr. Gary’s Best Breed. I thought it might be that it was new, but they have continued to munch on it and it is day 5.” – Frances47

Best Breed Grain-Free All Life Stages Dry Cat Food

Rating: 5 out of 5, on Chewy.com

First five ingredients: Chicken Meal, Egg Product, Chicken Fat, Red Lentils, Chickpeas

This is a healthy, hypoallergenic meal for cats sensitive to grain and gluten. The recipe is not only delicious and aromatic but also easily digestible by all cats. The meal is made of “low-ash ingredients” that help in absorbing the maximum nutrition from the food, while the natural fiber controls hairballs, the minerals and cranberries keep the urinary tract healthy, and the fruits and vegetables rich in antioxidants boost the immune system.

Despite being a dry food, the food is easy to consume and digest. You can use this as a meal topper, or as a complete meal in itself. Even when the recipe contains grains, they are hypoallergenic and nutritious for the pet. According to the company, when switching to Best Breed cat food, the cat should be fed 25 percent of the new meal for the first three days, 50 percent for the next four days, and 75 percent the next three days. Also, consult a vet before switching your kitty to a new food, and if your pet shows signs of sickness after consuming this food.

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