Feline Natural Cat Food Review 2023 – Is Feline Natural a Good Cat Food?

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Minimally processed, natural pet food is in high demand these days. For a long time, pet owners relied on a generic cat or dog food off the shelves because there weren’t too many better options available. While a lot of owners still do that, there has been a marked increase in conscious pet owners who want to feed natural food to their furry friends. Not many people cared about pet food ingredients earlier, but these days, pet owners carefully check the ingredients before picking up a cat or dog food. People only want the best and the healthiest for their pets.

It doesn’t get more natural than Feline Natural, a brand that has “natural” in its name. Feline Natural is the brand from K9 Natural, a New Zealand-based pet food company that specializes in a natural, holistic diet for dogs and cats. If you’re looking for safe, natural food for your kitties, Feline Natural is one of the highest rated brands in the market. New Zealand is known for its natural beauty and clean sources of food. No wonder, Feline Natural foods, handcrafted with care in kiwi land, provide nothing but complete nutrition to your beloved pets.

As people become increasingly aware of the nutritional needs of pets, they realize that their diet has the biggest impact on their health and lives more than anything. Feline Natural understands this and has brought together leading nutritionists and veterinarians to create a natural diet for dogs and cats that are high in meat and rich in vitamins and minerals. The ingredients used in the raw foods are natural, and the minimal processing ensures that the nutrients are not harmed.

Besides, all products from Feline Natural are completely free from grains, GMO, and artificial ingredients, which affect the health of cats. Since cats are carnivores and need a diet rich in protein, Feline Natural products are made from high quality meat and fish, which satisfy their nutritional needs and help them grow stronger and fitter.

Feline Natural product formulations meet AAFCO requirements for all cat life stages. When you put your pets on a Feline Natural diet, you can rest assured that your furry companions are getting the healthiest recipes that are not only nutritious but also tasty. Feline Natural makes your cats look forward to mealtimes.

Unlike most other brands, Feline Natural looks at the food from the pet’s perspective. Founder and director Geoff Bowers says that the company has a pet-centric approach towards the food, unlike other brands that focus more on the owners.

Types of cat food

Feline Natural has two ranges of cat food: Freeze-dried and Canned. Although there aren’t too many recipes, the products are all made using the highest quality ingredients and processed in a safe and hygienic plant complying with stringent quality and safety standards.

The Freeze-dried range is made using the innovative technique called freeze drying. The process takes moisture out of the fresh meat without using heat, which leaves all the nutrients intact. Freeze-dried food is perfect for storing and carrying with you on the way, and has no chances of getting damaged. Freeze dried food has an indefinite shelf life and requires no refrigeration. It is quite like dry food, but only using a different process. When you want to feed your pet, simply add some warm water to the meal, or use it as a tasty topper for wet food.

The recipes in this line include:

  • Beef and Hoki Feast
  • Chicken and Lamb Feast
  • Lamb and King Salmon Feast

The Feline Natural canned cat food range is rich in protein and low in carbohydrates, but as carnivores, cats not only crave but also need meat. Since they require carbohydrates in controlled amounts, Feline Natural foods are made with high quality meat and fish, so that they are rich in protein and have minimal carbs. This leads to the development of lean muscles and the energy to be active and playful.

The recipes in this line include:

  • Beef and Hoki Feast
  • Chicken and Venison Feast
  • Lamb and King Salmon Feast
  • Chicken and Lamb Feast

Both the freeze-dried and canned cat foods are grain-free and low-glycemic, exactly what cats need. The organic, human grade ingredients are sourced from all around New Zealand. Free from all gelling agents, the only liquid added to the products is fresh New Zealand water. Whether you have a skinny cat, a picky cat, an overweight cat or a sensitive cat, Feline Natural products can be safely consumed by all of them. These products are free of grains, gluten, potatoes, and other ingredients that can be a potential cause of allergies and sensitivities. Since the foods are raw, the integrity of the nutrients is maintained, and cats get the maximum nutrition.

What makes Feline Natural different?

Not many brands specialize in raw pet foods. Carnivores should get their instinctual diet, which is raw, meat-based food. Since most pet food brands sell kibbles, Feline Natural differentiates itself by manufacturing raw food. All recipes are 99 percent meat, with added vitamins and minerals like taurine and fatty acids, so you can rest assured that your kitty is getting complete nutrition. Feline Natural admits that their food isn’t perfect; no man-made food can ever be perfect. Only the live food that animals hunt in the wild is perfect. Feline Natural only tries to get as close to the natural food as possible.

Recall history

Neither K9 Natural nor Feline Natural has had any product recalled yet.

Where to buy

It can be a little difficult to find Feline Natural products everywhere because it is manufactured in New Zealand and not too widely exported. The products can be found at local independent pet stores, sometimes at chain stores, and widely at all online pet food stores.

What customers think

Feline Natural cat food is a major pick for cat owners because they are healthy, wholesome, and rich in animal protein. On Chewy.com, Feline Natural Chicken & Lamb Feast Grain-Free Canned Cat Food scores 4.4 out of 5 and is recommended by 93 percent of the reviewers. Some of the reviews are:

“This food is the best food you can buy for your little people. It is expensive because you are paying for an exceptional food. It contains blood plasma which is an ingredient NOT found in many foods. I use this as a topper once a week for all my cats (15) as I am a rescue/foster mom for only sick, old, disabled and “throw away cats/ kittens and I use to help my people heal. I cannot stress enough how good this food is for any cat/ kitten. Yes, the price is high but if you want awesome food and little or no vet visits this is the food you want. Keep in mind you get what you pay for. Buy the freeze dried version then the 3 oz. cans as a topper if you prefer. This is highly recommended by vet standards. I will continue to buy this because I feed myself tremendously high priced food to keep myself healthy so why would I buy low quality feed for my animals. I take in a lot of sick cats and with this food they thrive.”

“This is great for senior cats, and those who need a high protein and no grain diet. When I open the can, I witness the happy cat dance. Great manufacture.”

“Feline Natural is a newer brand for us and we tried the Chicken & Venison Feast first which they absolutely loved. Then we tried the Chicken & Lamb Feast and they gobble this down just as fast. This has become both of our cats’ favorite brand of food. We also feed Ziwi and Nature Variety Instinct.”

Feline Natural Chicken & Lamb Feast Grain-Free Canned Cat Food Review

Rating: 4.4 out of 5

First five ingredients: Chicken, Lamb Heart, Lamb Kidney, Lamb Liver, Lamb Blood, Flaxseed Flakes

Feline Natural brings a holistic, raw cat food in the form of this Chicken & Lamb Feast Grain-Free Canned Cat Food, suitable for cats at all life stages. Free from grain and other potential allergens, this canned food is rich in animal protein and helps in the development of bones, teeth, and muscles. This nutritionally appropriate diet is fit for all breeds and is made from free-range chicken and lamb from New Zealand.

When switching your cat to a new diet, mix this food with your pet’s existing diet, and slowly increase the amount.

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