Goodlife Cat Food Review 2023 – Is Goodlife a Good Cat Food?

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Goodlife Cat Food was discontinued in 2018 and is no longer available

There are several cat food brands in the market, so much so that it can be difficult to understand what makes one brand stand out from the rest. Cats are strictly carnivores. They don’t need grains or veggies to thrive. What they require is a wholesome, high-protein diet, which helps in the development of strong bones and lean muscles. High quality cat food is marked by a number of things: a rich source of animal protein, controlled carbohydrates, human-grade ingredients, and no artificial additives. But unfortunately, even when brands claim to be completely healthy, they end up using low-grade ingredients.

That is what differentiates Goodlife pet food from other brands. The brand from Mars Petcare that came into existence in 2007 goes by the tagline “A Thoughtful Recipe.” The brand is advertised as the manufacturers of high quality food made keeping the physiology and instinctual nutrition of felines in mind. Whether you have a sensitive cat or an aging cat, the recipes from Goodlife can be safely consumed by kitties at all life stages.

Mars Petcare is the leading manufacturer of several pet food brands. The company pride itself on providing quality products for the maximum health and vitality of pets. The nutritional needs of pets is found out with the help of studies and research about pet nutrition, and the latest modern technology is used in creating the food. Mars Petcare regularly conducts studies in association with leading research labs to find the foods that cats naturally gravitate towards. It has repeatedly been found that cats have a natural inclination for foods rich in protein and fats, regardless of the taste. This has led the company to believe that cats know what they need and they should be fed what their instincts crave.

Goodlife cat food is nutritious without sacrificing taste and flavor. Not only do your kitties get the right nutrients, but the taste and flavor also make them look forward to their meals. The grain-free recipes are made with human grade ingredients sourced from organic farms. Free from artificial colors, flavors, and additives, Goodlife cat food provides complete balanced nutrition to felines.

Mars was formed 100 years ago by Frank Mars, who started manufacturing candies and chocolate bars. Over the years, Mars has become a household name, with several popular products in the market, including cat food. Mars Petcare also runs a pet hospital, providing high quality veterinary care.

Types of cat food

Goodlife’s specialty is that the number one ingredient is always animal protein like chicken or salmon. Unlike dogs, cats don’t need vegetables or grains to thrive. All they need is animal protein and fats and a controlled amount of carbohydrates. The new recipes contain antioxidants, which boost the immunity of kitties. There is also a money back guarantee, which proves that the company is confident about the quality of the product. If you are unsatisfied with any of the products, you can write to the company for a refund within the given period.

There are three recipes in their cat food range: Indoor Cat Recipe, Chicken Recipe, and Salmon Recipe.

Pet owners keep hearing the necessity of feeding indoors cat only food that is meant for indoor cats. The biggest problem with indoor cats is that they have a completely different lifestyle compared to outdoor kitties. This sedentary lifestyle can lead to excess weight if the right diet is not maintained.  The Indoor Cat recipe from Goodlife is made to meet the needs of indoor cats. Since indoor cats are less active, use a litter box, have the tendency to develop dental tartar and hairballs, this formula is specifically meant to address these factors.

How does the formula address these issues? It does so by having lower calorie content, easily digestible ingredients, fiber content, and a specific manufacturing process that reduces the tendency of tartar. All these help in managing weight, firm stools with less odor, and eliminate hairballs.

Real chicken is the primary ingredient in this recipe, along with a limited amount of brown rice for providing carbohydrates. There is no wheat or soy included in the food, which means even kitties with sensitivities can safely consume this recipe.

The Chicken Recipe and Salmon Recipe are a lot like the indoor cat recipe, except that they are meant for all kinds of kitties.

Why choose Goodlife?

There are a number of factors that make Goodlife an ideal cat food brand for both indoor and outdoor kitties.

Real meat/fish

There are only a few variants of cat food from Goodlife, but even though limited, the ingredients used in them are pure quality. Several pet foods contain animal byproducts as the primary source of protein, which is actually a very poor form of nutrition. Cats need a huge percentage of protein in their diet, or they are unable to stay active and develop lean muscles. Both chicken and salmon are cat favorites and ensure that your kitties look forward to their nutritious meals every day.

Fiber and antioxidants

The recipes are rich in antioxidants, due to the fruits and vegetables, and it ensures that your cat gets not only a tasty but also a healthy meal. Besides antioxidants, there is s high fiber content in all the recipes, which makes stools firm, aids in digestion, and eliminate hairballs.

Prevent hairballs

The high fiber content in all the recipes ensures the prevention of hairballs and the proper elimination of ingested hair. If your kitty suffers from chronic hairball problem, Goodlife products are highly recommended.

Recall history

Although Goodlife has never had any recall, Mars Petcare has had a lot of product recalls in the past. In the most memorable case, a very popular dog food brand from Mars was recalled from the market in 2016 because of the potential presence of plastic in the food. A lot of other pet food products were also recalled from the market at the same time. Goodlife has never had a recall so far.

Where to buy

Since Goodlife is manufactured by Mars Petcare, it is widely available at all leading pet stores, chain stores, as well as online stores like Chewy, Amazon, and Petsmart.

What do customers think?

Mars Petcare products usually find favor with pet owners, and Goodlife cat food is no exception. On, Goodlife Real Chicken & Brown Rice Recipe scores 4.8 out of 5, and is recommended by 96 percent of reviewers. Almost all reviews are positive, which shows that the product is a big hit with pet parents.

“I love this Goodlife chicken and brown rice and so do my fur babies! Chicken is the number one ingredient and it also has apples, sweet potatoes, blueberries, cranberries and spinach! So many different brands say made with real chicken, but it is not the number one ingredient. Dogs and cats in their natural environment don’t just eat the best white meat parts of the chicken…they eat the whole chicken. It contains a lot of vitamins and minerals you can’t find elsewhere. All in all, for the price, you can’t beat this healthy Goodlife cat food and my kitties love it!” – MustLoveDogs

“All four cats love the Real Chicken & Brown Rice Recipe. Two actually climbed into the bag before I could fill all four bowls.” – Meaux

“The cats seem to like this food and they don’t seem to throw up as much. I’ve bought much more expensive cat food that they didn’t like. So yeah, I’ll recommend this stuff.” – Jobe

Goodlife Real Chicken & Brown Rice Recipe Dry Cat Food Review

Rating: 4.8 out of 5

First five ingredients: Chicken, Brown Rice, Chicken By-Product Meal, Corn Gluten Meal, Chicken Meal

Goodlife uses only high-quality ingredients that keep your kitty purring. There’s real chicken to provide maximum protein, farm-fresh vegetables to provide vitamins and antioxidants, and brown rice for the right amount of carbs and calcium for the development of strong bones, teeth, and healthy coat and skin. Real chicken is the first ingredient and helps to form strong, lean muscles. Added taurine keeps cat’s eyesight healthy, and the grain-free formulation ensures no allergies.

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