Hound & Gatos Cat Food Review

Hound & Gatos Cat Food Review 2023 – Is Hound & Gatos a Good Cat Food?

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You must have heard a lot of times that a paleo diet and lifestyle is the best way to fitness. Call it a fad or a trend, but there are several people who advocate for a paleo diet. What exactly is it? A paleolithic diet means shunning all nonessential foods like sugar and carbs for a protein-rich, meat-based diet. It also includes reducing stress and adopting a more organic way of life. A paleo diet is claimed to reduce illnesses and promote health and vitality. In an age when most people struggle with obesity and health issues, a paleo diet sounds right. So much so that pet owners have also started feeding their furry friends the same diet.

A paleolithic diet for cats means that you switch your kitty from the processed food available in the market to a healthy, organic, meat-based diet. Several pets these days suffer from health conditions, much like humans. Diabetes, renal failure, heart disease, and obesity are some of the conditions that affect pets these days, and the highly processed pet food available today are responsible for it to a large extent. What dogs and cats need is a carnivorous diet free from artificial colors, flavors, preservatives, and nonessential substances like gluten, sugar, and potatoes. Cats and dogs need a diet which their ancestors thrived on, a high protein meal of animal meat.

To help pets get proper nutrition from a carnivorous diet, Hound & Gatos have been manufacturing paleolithic pet food for a long time. In fact, since this company was one of the first proponents of a paleolithic pet diet, they call themselves “The Original Paleolithic Pet Food Company.” Hound & Gatos claims that they have they have done a lot of “investigative research” into pet nutrition, and discovered that cats and dogs thrive best on a high-protein diet minus carbohydrates. Hound & Gatos makes cat food that contains pure meat with added minerals and vitamins, and free from all those substances that are known to cause health issues in pets.

Hound & Gatos believes that pets should be fed a diet that nature intended. Balanced low-glycemic meat-based food, minus starch and carbohydrates is what Hound & Gatos formulates for pets, with help from expert nutritionists and veterinarians. All food manufactured by the company is put through rigorous safety and quality checks, so your pet gets only the best.

It must be remembered that no pet can be switched to a paleo diet in a day. If your pet has been so long fed the commercial processed food, then switching to a “healthier” alternative in a day can cause health issues. More importantly, your pet will refuse to eat if he is suddenly given a new food to try. If you think your kitty has been eating a lot of unhealthy food, or if he suffers from any health condition that calls for a special diet, you should make the switch slowly. When you start feeding your cat Hound & Gatos food, you should mix their current food with the new food until he adjusts to the change.

Types of Cat Food

For the years 2014 and 2015, Hound & Gatos Pet Foods Corporation was given The Most Trusted Pet Food” award by the Pet Food Advisory. The company manufactures significantly above average pet food products, with 100 percent animal protein as the main ingredient. All products by Hound & Gatos are manufactured in South Dakota, abiding by stringent quality and safety controls. All pet food by the company is made with ingredients sourced from within the US, with the exception being New Zealand lamb.

Hound & Gatos has become the leading manufacturer of premium quality healthy and holistic pet food by raising the bar and meeting all AAFCO Pet Food nutrient guidelines, as well as by DNA testing their products. Yes, Hound & Gatos is the only pet food company to DNA-test every product they make. By testing their products, the company proves that the ingredients they use are exactly what they claim to use, unlike many other pet food brands that claim to use quality ingredients but end up filling the product with artificial and low grade substances.

There are various types of cat food manufactured by Hound & Gatos. Some of the recipes are:

Beef Recipe for Cats

If your cat has been diagnosed with a weak liver, the first thing you must do is change her diet. When the liver fails to function correctly, it ultimately leads to several other health conditions, including cardiac disease and renal failure. Even when the liver condition is at a manageable stage, you must make changes to your pet’s diet as the first line of defense.

Hound & Gatos Beef Recipe provides high quality protein minus unhealthy fats and a low level of sodium. This is necessary for increasing metabolism and reducing fluid retention. The added antioxidants like vitamin C, vitamin E, and selenium help fight oxidative stress, while the avoidance of artificial colors, flavors and preservatives ensure that your pet is getting the right nutrition. This diet is also suitable for healthy cats.

Homestyle Chicken

Who doesn’t love home cooked food? You sure do, and so do your pets. Research has proven that nothing is better for your pets than food that’s been cooked at home minus all chemicals and processing. But with time short, most pet parents don’t have the opportunity to feed their kitties homestyle food. What’s the best alternative? Hound & Gatos Homestyle Chicken.

Yes, this high-protein diet is completely chicken meat, with added minerals like taurine and essential fatty acids, and vitamins like E and C. Even when your cat eats this canned food, you can rest assured they are getting the flavors and nutrients found in a home-cooked meal.

Original Paleolithic Diet

Hound & Gatos was the first pet food company to introduce a paleolithic diet for cats and dogs. This means the diet is full of protein and free from unhealthy fats and carbohydrates. The added antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals help fight the onset of health conditions, delay age-related symptoms, and maintain optimal weight. Made with lamb, beef, and chicken, this meal is rich in protein and essential nutrients.

Trout Recipe

Cats love fish. If you have a cat who doesn’t like animal meat or a cat who is allergic to animal protein, then you need to find an alternative. Since cats are strictly carnivores they need protein every day. A healthy replacement is trout, a fish rich in protein, fatty acids, vitamin B complex, and potassium and phosphorus.

The Hound & Gatos Trout Recipe is made with high quality trout, fish broth, and duck meat, so that your cat gets the maximum nutrition, even when true animal protein needs to be replaced.

There are several other recipes by Hound & Gatos besides these, which are healthy, nutritious and minimally processed.

Recall History

Hound & Gatos has never faced any recall, which proves once again why it is the leader in holistic pet nutrition.

Where To Buy

Hound & Gatos cat food is available across the United States and Canada. You can find the products at chain stores like Walmart and Target, specialty pet stores, and online stores like Chewy, Petco and PetSmart.

What Customers Think

The review wouldn’t be complete without including the thoughts and opinions of actual customers of Hound & Gatos. On Chewy.com, Hound & Gatos Lamb, Chicken & Salmon Formula Grain-Free Canned Cat Food has been rated 4.3 out of 5 by over 84 percent of the reviewers. Most of the reviews are positive. Some of them are as follows:


“My cat was tested for 50 different food allergies. Finding foods she could eat was difficult. She loves this food. No vomiting, and her hair is growing back! So far tried 2 flavors and she likes them both. Will try more as long as not on allergy list.” – LadyK

“My cats absolutely love this brand and this flavor. They are the true judges of this food. For my cats, feeding them wet food has been a process of trial and error. We’ve been successful with this one.” – SusanZ


“I have four cats and wanted them to have a healthy cat food so I purchased this product. Not one will touch it. I even put some in each of their mouths to make them at least taste it, and they just walked away. Have given it to them several times, anyway, and end up just throwing it away.” – pjkatz

“All six of my cats won’t eat it. They all tried it the first time and walked away after one bite. Not a single one tried it the second time. A waste of 35 bucks.” – kayleetooncesdot

Hound & Gatos Lamb, Chicken & Salmon Formula Grain-Free Canned Cat Food

Rating: 4.8 out of 5

First five ingredients: Lamb, Chicken, Lamb Broth, Salmon, Agar-Agar

The meal is made of high-quality salmon, lamb, and chicken. Free from plant protein, grains and gluten, artificial ingredients, and unhealthy carbs, this diet is nutritionally appropriate for carnivores. The single protein source has added vitamins and minerals, with a high water content to prevent kidney disease and irritable bowel disease.

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