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Kasiks Cat Food Review 2023 – Is Kasiks a Good Cat Food?

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One of the biggest causes for concern for pet owners is the diet of their furry friend. There are all types of food available today, from processed food to organic food to grain-free formulas. There has always been divided opinion about what is best for cats. Is a home cooked meal best? Or is a readymade store bought meal better?

While nothing can substitute a home cooked meal with high quality ingredients, no pet owner has the time to make three meals for cats every day. The easier option is to pick generic pet food off the shelves. For a long time, pet owners were unaware of what went into making pet food. They trusted the ingredients mentioned on the label. But they began to take notice when their pets got sick, and that’s how the demand for better quality pet food arose. Companies started looking into high quality ingredients.

The pet food industry is dominated by multinationals like Nestlé and Mars, with a lot of junk, nonessential ingredients going into the formulas manufactured by them. It is evident from the number of product recalls they have had in the past. That has led to the popularity of smaller, family owned and operated pet food companies, which have a controlled production process and strict quality check of all ingredients.

Kasiks cat food believes in sourcing the highest quality ingredients and maintaining the most stringent quality and safety standards during the production process. A brand of pet food from FirstMate, the Canadian pet food company based in British Columbia, Kasiks thrives on the belief that to be able to manufacture the highest quality of food for cats and dogs, the ingredients and the production process should be strictly monitored and the highest safety standards maintained. The Kasiks diets are grain- and gluten free, and have a single meat protein. Whether you have a cat with sensitivities or with excess weight, all of them can safely consume Kasiks products.

Mike Florian, founder and president of FirstMate, started out as a commercial fisherman on the fishing vessel Taplow. He later became the owner of the vessel and decided to start a fish feed company to help the depleting fish stocks. When the guard dogs at a salmon farm started to eat the fish feed, the owners of the farm asked Florian to make high protein dog food. That’s how FirstMate was born in 1989. Located in Vancouver, FirstMate uses the most advanced technology and modern machinery to manufacture the highest quality of the food.

Types of Cat Food

There are two lines of cat food from Kasiks: grain-free and grain friendly.

When your cat has a sensitive tummy or other allergies like skin problems, you have a hard time trying to find a pet food that doesn’t make your pet sick. Kasiks grain-free range of cat food has been developed to make life easy for both sensitive cats and their owners. There is a lot of hype surrounding grain-free pet food these days, and all of it isn’t without good reason. Since cats are strictly carnivores, their system is meant to digest only meat. When they are given grains, it can cause their system to malfunction. Most grains cause allergies in sensitive cats. That’s where grain-free food helps. They are rich in protein, made from ingredients that are biologically right for the cats and dogs, and don’t upset the system. The recipes usually have a high meat content and easily digestible fats. The low amount of carbohydrates means little chance of excess weight.

Kasiks Grain Free

Kasiks grain-free cat food is made from the highest quality ingredients sourced in a sustainable way. Containing 95 percent animal protein, five percent plant protein, and no grains at all, the recipes in the range are tasty and nutritious for cats at all life stages. Some of the recipes are:

  • Cage-Free Chicken Formula
  • Cage-Free Turkey Formula
  • Wild Caught Coho Salmon Formula

Kasiks Grain Friendly

The grain-friendly version of Kasiks cat food has been created keeping in mind that not all grains are bad for cats and dogs. There are certain grains such as oats and spelt, which don’t contain gluten, are easy to digest, and do not usually cause allergies. Animal protein is still the main source of protein in these products, but there is also a small amount of healthy, digestible grains present.

Some of the Kasiks products are made for both cats and dogs. People who have both dogs and cats as pets can save on pet food by buying the same products.

Recall History

FirstMate has its own manufacturing plant and uses the highest safety and quality standards to produce the formulas. As a result, Kasiks has never had any safety recall so far. This solely can never be an indication of quality, but it does show that FirstMate invests a lot in the safety and quality of the products they make.

Where To Buy

Kasiks products are available all over the US and Canada. You can buy them at pet stores, chain stores, and online on Chewy, PetSmart, and Petco.

What Customers Think

All FirstMate brands, including Kasiks, follow the philosophy that a nutritious meal for pets is made with the simplest ingredients. It resonates with most pet owners because a simple, healthy meal is always the best for pets. Since Kasiks products are made using high quality, human grade ingredients, they are rich in protein and combine a lot of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants beneficial for the all-round health and vitality of pets.

Even though Kasiks is a popular pet food, reviewers on Chewy give the Cage-Free Chicken Formula Grain-Free Canned Cat Food no more than 3.8 stars out of 5. This makes it an average product. The product is recommended only by 77 percent of the reviewers. There are mixed reviews for this product, both positive and negative. Some of them are as follows:


“This is a very high quality food. It looks just like chicken out of a can, human grade. However, mine did not care for it, they are still wanting to eat their other. Great smelling food for cats. I fed it to my barn cats and they loved it. The indoor ones like a lot of gravy.” – LynC

“My cats like this and eat it well. It looks like real chicken, and smells GREAT. I even tried a bite myself and it really is just chicken! It’s a soft pate, and the cats eat it very well, although they prefer if I add a little warm water to it and make it a bit brothier. I wrote the company because I hadn’t heard of them, and they were very transparent about where their products are made, and they’ve never had a safety recall! I stand behind this product 100 percent. It’s a GREAT cat food. My cats DO prefer the turkey flavor, but they do also eat this fine as well.” – Phaewryn

“The boys gobble this food down. They are a little more messing in eating it since it is lighter in weight without the thickeners, but that is a good trade off. I will be reordering it often.” – StormsMom


“We have 3 cats and have a rotation of anywhere between 2-4 fosters. NO ONE liked this food!! Some cats wouldn’t touch it, and others would eat a few bites and then snub it. My one cat who did sort of eat it, broke out a few days after I fed it to her and she eats other grain-free chicken foods just fine. While the ingredients are truly top notch and the price is very reasonable, no one will really eat it. Which has NEVER happened with the sheer number of cats we have- usually someone will like it.” felinas

“My cats might have liked this cat food but almost every can in the case sent to me was very dented which makes me worry about the quality of the food…. Sadly, I cannot feed this to my cats with all of these dented cans.” – MarianG

Kasiks Cage-Free Chicken Formula Grain-Free Canned Cat Food

Rating: 3.5/5

First five ingredients: Boneless Chicken, Water Sufficient For Processing, Pea Starch, Sodium Chloride, Calcium Carbonate

The first five ingredients often decide the quality of the pet food. In this case, boneless chicken is the main ingredient, which is a rich source of protein and healthy for cats. However, the meal also contains pea starch, which is a filler and not required by cats. Peas can also often cause allergies in some cats.

This product from Kasiks contains high proteins, fewer carbohydrates than average, less fat, and a low quantity of fiber. While cats generally need a diet rich in protein and low in carbs, the low fiber content of this meal may not be ideal for cats suffering from hairballs. To compensate for it, you may need to give your cat plenty of fresh water to drink.

Kasiks is safe to feed your cats, but if you notice any health issues in your pet after consuming this product, you must discontinue and consult your vet.

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