Looking for KittyCatter? It’s still here…contained entirely in the Cat section of EasyPet!

Why isn’t KittyCatter a stand-alone website anymore?

Though we realize the value in a dedicated cat website; we’ve decided to consolidate our suite of pet properties to provide a better experience that reaches more people.

We’re focusing on building a universal brand that you can rely on and if we’re being honest we’ve just been spread too thin trying to manage multiple websites with overlapping content.

We’d much rather spend our time building a brand that is trustworthy and that matters to pet parents. We’re confident this is the best way to do it.

In the process of moving we’ve evaluated all of the existing content from KittyCatter for quality, accuracy, and relevancy. Rest assured that everything you find about cats and kittens on this website is better than it ever was before.

We want your help!

We consider our team to be top-notch, but it’s important to us to include multiple points of view in order to provide a comprehensive look at pet health, pet care, and pet products.

We’re excited to partner with you, our visitor, in making EasyPet better. Here’s how you can get involved…

  1. Fill out our comprehensive cat survey
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