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Nulo Cat Food Review 2023 – Is Nulo a Good Cat Food?

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What every cat parent will know and understand is that their little furry felines are actually athletes at heart. It is evident from the way they jump and pounce and hunt their prey, toppling over and breaking things in the process. Cats are not meant to be idle or sit still. They are born to climb, pounce, and stalk. And to get the energy to do all that, they need protein-rich food that’s made from high quality ingredients fit for human consumption.

But that isn’t the case with a lot of cat food that’s available today. Most cat parents are not aware of what goes into these products. They trust the ingredient list blindly, without bothering to find out what they mean and if they are healthy for their fur babies. That’s how we have a growing number of obese and diabetic cats, who can no longer do what they were born to do- jump and play.

Fortunately, there’s an increasing number of cat parents who want to feed their fur babies the same quality of food that they feed their family. These days, a lot of people with pet cats do not just pick generic food off the shelves. They research about the company, look into the ingredients, and ask around for recommendations. Asking the vet for pet food recommendations is also a good option, because the vet makes a recommendation taking into consideration the health of the cat.

Nulo is one such brand that makes healthy cat food to keep diseases away and keep the athlete in all felines alive for the longest time. The grain free recipes are rich in protein and free from artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives. Nulo provides complete balanced meals for cats at all life stages. Even if you have a kitty with food sensitivities, she can safely consume the Nulo cat food because they are free from all potential allergens. It isn’t without reason that Nulo enjoys rave reviews from pet owners.

Nulo was founded in 2009 by Brett Montana and Michael Landa. Before forming Nulo, they were partners in a dog-walking and pet-sitting business in California, where he encountered diabetic pets being given insulin injections. They decided to start their own company of pet food when they saw the high amount of carbohydrates, lack of meat and high glycemic ingredients  in several pet food products. Based in Austin, Texas, Nulo is committed to the development of healthy dog and cat food made from the freshest ingredients.

Nulo makes both dry and wet food, following strict quality and safety standards and using modern machinery and production process. Nulo does not have its own plants. The dry food is manufactured by CJ Food in Kansas and Nebraska, while the canned products are made by Simmons Pet Foods. All facilities are USDA, FDA, and AAFCO approved, while the dry food plant is supervised by the American Institute of Baking (AIB). The high standards of safety and quality make Nulo a very popular cat food company.

Types of cat food

There are two lines of cat food by Nulo– MedalSeries and Freestyle. The product ranges are so named because the company believes every cat is an athlete. Cats get the energy to play, pounce, and stalk when they get a high protein diet. Nulo aims to provide every cat with such a high protein, low glycemic diet, which boost their immunity, vitality, and overall health.

The MedalSeries and Freestyle ranges of cat food by Nulo come in both dry and wet form, and are categorized for kitten, adult, and indoor cats.

Kitten: Since kittens require more nutrition for rapid growth and organ development, the Nulo kitten products provide the correct balance of nutrients to ensure the maximum growth and nourishment. The food is easy to digest and helps them be full of energy. Nulo cat food provides all these and more to a growing kitten. The recipes are grain and gluten free, so your kitty with food sensitivities can also easily consume them without getting sick. The healthy and delicious recipes in this line make kitties look forward to mealtimes.

Adult: When a kitten becomes an adult cat between 10 and 12 months of age, she needs a different diet. An adult cat’s diet should be protein-rich, with moderate amounts of fat and minimal quantity of carbohydrates. The adult cat food recipes by Nulo combine all the essential nutrients your cat needs. They have the right balance of proteins, vitamins, minerals, fats, and carbohydrates and provide a complete and balanced nutrition.

Indoor: Cats who mostly remain indoors and don’t get much activity need a diet that won’t make them overweight. High protein, controlled carbohydrates, and limited amounts of plant protein are necessary to maintain the ideal weight. Nulo accomplishes this with the recipes meant for indoor cats.

Some of the trademarks of Nulo cat food recipes are:

Grain-free: All recipes by Nulo are free from grains and gluten, which means all cats can safely consume them.

High Meat Protein: Nulo claims that more than 80 percent of proteins in their products are derived from real meat like lamb, chicken, salmon, turkey or cod, providing energy and amino acids.

Low Carbohydrates: Carbs are the main cause of obesity and diabetes in cats. Nulo cat food products use a controlled amount of carbohydrates, so that cats get the nutrition without getting fat.

Patented BC30 Probiotic: Nulo’s products contain the company’s patented BC30 probiotic strain which is stronger and remain intact even during the production process.

The recipes in the MedalSeries line include:

  • CAT & KITTEN turkey & cod recipe
  • ADULT CAT chicken & peas recipe
  • INDOOR CAT duck & cod recipe

The recipes in the Freestyle range include:

  • CAT & KITTEN chicken & cod recipe
  • INDOOR CAT duck & lentils recipe
  • ADULT TRIM salmon & lentils recipe

Recall history

Although Nulo doesn’t have its own manufacturing plant, it follows strict safety standards during the production process. Therefore, Nulo cat food hasn’t had any product recall so far. This makes Nulo one of those pet food brands that you can safely trust for your kitties.

Where to buy

Nulo cat food is available at all leading pet food stores across the US. Besides, they are also available at chain stores like Walmart and Target, and online stores like Chewy, Amazon, PetCo, and PetSmart.

What customers think

Nulo is a premium brand of pet food, and is preferred by several pet owners. Since the company uses wholesome natural and fresh ingredients and manufactures the food in a safe and hygienic process without the use of any artificial additives, the products are preferred by several cat parents over other unhealthy brands. On, Nulo Freestyle Chicken & Cod Recipe Grain-Free Dry Cat & Kitten Food scores 4.5 out of 5, and is recommended by 89 percent of reviewers. Some of the reviews are:


“We adopted a wonderful 4yo cat from a rescue over a year ago. We not so quickly (poor thing) discovered that all of her skin problems that started popping up a few weeks after we got her were due to a food allergy which the rescue didn’t know about since she had only been there 2 days. We found this food which she LOVES and we love it too because she has no skin breakouts or itchiness with this food and we even have to limit what we give her or she would eat it all day!” – Rachel

“Both grown cats and little kitty love it! I love that the morsels are little in size for kitty yet taste must be big because they have all agreed. No need to mix old food with new.” – Melanie


“I wanted so much for this to be liked by my kitties. The ingredients are quality, unfortunately the taste just isn’t there. I never got past the mixing with previous food point as they would ONLY eat the old food and leave every single morsel of the NULO brand.” – crazycats

Nulo Freestyle Chicken & Cod Recipe Grain-Free Dry Cat & Kitten Food

Rating: 4/5

First five ingredients: Deboned Chicken, Chicken Meal, Turkey Meal, Deboned Cod, Whole Peas

This dry meal contains three kinds of animal protein: chicken, turkey, and cod. This is a grain-free formula, is ideal for both kittens and cats, and has a taste and aroma that felines will love. The product contains 83 percent animal protein, plus the right amounts of Omega-3 & 6 fatty acids to make cat’s coat and skin healthy and shiny. This low carb and low glycemic diet can be consumed by kitties that are overweight or diabetic.

Although this meal does not contain artificial additives, it does contain pea, which can be a potential allergen for a lot of cats. If you know your cat is allergic to pea, this is not a recommended diet. If your cat shows any sign of allergy after consuming this meal, discontinue and consult the vet.

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