Our Reviews & Ratings

At EasyPet we take an unbiased approach to analyzing pet products. Our criteria is focused on the quality of every item listed on our site.

In each review we evaluate available information including the ingredient list, brand/recall history, packaging facility, and anecdotal evidence such as owner reviews and pet preference.

We then assign a value to each food and use that to determine star ratings, comparison winners, and placement in recommendation articles.

Our Recommendations

For articles that determine “the best” choice for specific inquiries we perform an audit of the following indicators:

  • Quality Ingredients : Great dog food starts with real meats and balanced nutrition. If the first 5 ingredients of a recipe don’t reflect that then the food doesn’t make the list.
  • Breed : Your dog may require more calories, different sized kibble, or special nutrients to combat common breed specific health issues – we factor that in.
  • Health : When illness or health concerns are addressed we do our best to provide recommendations in line with improving your dog’s condition. Be that as it may, we highly suggest consulting your veterinarian when it comes to prescription foods.
  • Activity Level : Some dogs are naturally more active than others and some owners are more likely to exercise their dog regularly. Our product selections reflect food that is well-balanced for most dogs.
  • Life Stage : Puppies, adults, and senior dogs require different nutrition so we make sure to include separate suggestions based on that. In breed specific cases we go as far as to create separate articles specific to puppies.
  • Budget : Not everyone can afford super premium dog food and we know that. When competing recipes are nutritionally similar we list the cheapest option.
  • Preference : Unlike other lists we actually have real dogs taste test recipes. We record their reactions then tailor our product selections toward preferred foods.