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TikiCat Cat Food Review 2023 – Is TikiCat a Good Cat Food?

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The company Tikipets began in 2005, and was picked up by Whitebridge Pet Brands LLC in 2015. They take pride in producing healthy and delicious food which, in their opinion, equals a match made in paradise, and the majority of their customers agree.

According to the official Tikipets website’s contact info, the company is based in Chesterfield, Missouri. They give all of their customers The Tiki Guarantee, which says that “Tikipets is passionate about pet nutrition that tastes great. If you’re not satisfied with a Tikipets product for whatever reason, simply return the unused portion and your receipt to the place of purchase for a refund or exchange”.

What Types of Cat Food Does Tikipets Offer?

Tikipets has all types of cat food, from wet, to dry, to treats, to meal toppers and variety packs. “Real Meat, Real Nutrition” is their motto, and one of the best features about their cat food is that it is always high in protein, because they know cats need that daily as natural carnivores. Their products are also grain-free and low in carbohydrates, without adding in things like corn, potatoes, rice or wheat. And, they always are sure to use real, recognizable ingredients, things that cat owners know on sight, blending them into all kinds of tasty combinations with unique textures.

The company feels like if cats could make their own cat food, then Tikipets cat food would be it, using foods that are many times what would be a feline’s natural prey. They put the meats in a lot of moisture when packaging because it gives your pet an additional supply of water. Tikipets realizes that some cats are picky eaters, so they create many different combinations so your cat has more options to choose from, and won’t get bored from eating the same thing over and over again.

TikiCat Cat Foods

  • Grill Ahi Tuna
  • Grill Ahi Tuna with Crab
  • Grill Ahi Tuna with Prawns
  • Grill Mackerel with Sardines
  • Grill Sardine Cutlets
  • Grill Sardine Cutlets with Lobster
  • Grill Tuna
  • Grill Variety Pack
  • Luau Ahi Tuna and Chicken
  • Luau Ahi Tuna and Mackerel
  • Luau Chicken with Egg
  • Luau Seabass
  • Luau Succulent Chicken
  • Luau Tilapia
  • Luau Wild Salmon
  • Luau Wild Salmon and Chicken
  • Luau Variety Pack
  • Stix Chicken Mousse
  • Stix Tuna Mousse
  • Dash Mackerel Flakes
  • Dash Tuna Flakes
  • Aloha Friends Tuna with Calamari and Pumpkin
  • Aloha Friends Tuna with Ocean Whitefish and Pumpkin
  • Aloha Friends Tuna with Pumpkin
  • Aloha Friends Tuna with Shrimp and Pumpkin
  • Aloha Friends Tuna with Tilapia and Pumpkin
  • Aloha Friends Variety Pack
  • After Dark Chicken
  • After Dark Chicken and Beef
  • After Dark Chicken and Duck
  • After Dark Chicken and Lamb
  • After Dark Chicken and Pork
  • After Dark Chicken and Quail Eggs
  • After Dark Variety Pack
  • Born Carnivore Chicken and Fish Luau
  • Born Carnivore Chicken Luau
  • Born Carnivore Fish Luau
  • Velvet Mousse Chicken
  • Velvet Mousse Chicken and Wild Salmon
  • Velvet Mousse Chicken with Egg
  • Velvet Mousse Tuna and Chicken
  • Velvet Mousse Tuna and Mackerel
  • Velvet Mousse Wild Salmon
  • Velvet Mousse Variety Pack

Has Tikipets Ever Been Recalled?

According to the FDA website, news reports and other sources, Tikipets has never had any product recalls.

Where Can You Buy TikiCat Cat Food?

Seems that you can get Tikipets products in many places, just about anywhere! When you visit their website, there is a link to one of their pages that reads “Where to Buy Tiki”. When you click on it, there’s a place to type in any zip code, city or state, and a search radius tab for 10 to 500 miles. You can also filter your search by product, or simply search for all products.

For example, if you were searching for Tikipets products in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, you’d go to that page and type in the city name. The map results would show that there are two locations that sold the products there in Myrtle Beach, another in the city of North Myrtle Beach, and another location in Pawley’s Island, South Carolina, a nearby city.

What Do Customers Think of Tikipets Cat Food?

Most people who enjoy their cats being healthy and happy love Tikipets. But of course, there are some people who just have to write something bad about a product that is so very good.


I had no idea what I was getting myself into when I approached the dreaded cat food isle. I might cut corners sometimes on other things I do, but there was no way I could give my cat anything less than the best. Tiki cat food is thankfully one of the best options out there for my guy, and despite some issues with chunkier ingredients and cost, it’s a great option for any owner. -PetSho.com

My cats are generally picky as I said so we don’t buy moist cat food but they love these! I have already ordered more because my cats go nuts for them! As soon as they hear the top pop they are all at my feet meowing! I love that they are better for my cats than the normal cans of moist food you find in stores and my cats seem to really love the real meet chunks and shreds. My senior cat can really use the extra protein that these offer for her and the natural fish oils have really helped brighten up her coat which is nice too. I will definitely continue to get these for my furkids and I highly recommend them for yours too! -TiffanyReviews.com


I had purchased the Tiki brand previously from a local retailer, but not this particular item. Since my cat had enjoyed the initial ‘experiment’, and since this was a tuna-based product selling at a PRICE AS HIGH OR HIGHER THAN CHUNK WHITE ALBACORE FOR HUMANS I was just shocked when I opened the can. It was brown and very ‘liquidy’– resembling gravy or a thick soup. My cat was anxiously ‘yelling’ for dinner as I opened the can because I was late getting home. I ‘poured’ the food into the cat dish and after a sniff and a taste my cat completely refused it thereafter.

NOTE: My cat is not the kind that sometimes takes a while getting used to a food change. If it doesn’t like it after one try, I can leave the new food, and nothing else, available for days and it won’t buckle. I can also change the food to something drastically different than what it has been accustomed to, and if it likes the new food it accepts it from the get-go. Even knowing that, I left this Tiki brown slop in the dish, by itself, for a couple of hours. The cat followed me around the house, ‘yowling’ loudly; so a couple of times I acted like I was putting down new/additional food — trick it into giving the food another try. One sniff and the yowling would resume. After a couple of hours I finally gave up and put down some other food. BTW, my cat is perfectly thrilled when I give it a can of cheap ($0.75 for 5 oz) ‘people’ tuna. -Amazon Customer, January 13th, 2023

This was one of the only negative reviews I found, and it was from an unidentified Amazon customer. But, to show you how dedicated and loyal Tikipets customers are, check out the review that someone posted right after it two days later in defense of Tikipets on January 11th, 2023:

The previous review is hilarious!!!!!! My cat is the most picky eater and he LOVED THIS FLAVOR. Yes it is a brothy, moist tuna mixed with pumpkin. To the previous review…It may be HUMAN GRADE BUT DESCRIPTION DID NOT SAY 5OZ FILLET OF TUNA SERVED W VEGGIES ON THE SIDE. GET OVER YOURSELF.


Tiki Cat After Dark Chicken and Duck Review

First 5 Ingredients: Chicken broth, Chicken, chicken liver, chicken gizzards, chicken hearts

This product compliments the carnivore in every cat, being that it has everything in it from duck to organ meat to chicken. They don’t add any grains to their products, which entices cats even more. Like all of their cat foods, this one is high in protein, which is what felines need daily to stay healthy and happy. All of those delicious meats in a tasty broth makes this Tiki Cat After Dark Chicken and Duck one that is delightfully satisfying for cats.

The nutrients in this meal are in the basic ingredients. For example, chicken livers gizzards and hearts are meats that many cats find irresistible. The broth blends well with the other ingredients, and it tastes great with no unnecessary additives. The broth is also in there because cats need fluids blended in with their meals. Whether you have a younger, middle aged, or older cat, hearty meals like this promote high energy and vitality.

This is also one of the best looking meals by the company. In fact, if one of your friends came over and saw it in a regular bowl, never seeing it come out of the cat food can, they would probably ask you why your food is sitting there on the floor. When you tell them it’s the cats’, they’ll say “Get outta here! Really?”

Tikipets cat food is always hand packed, and you can get this Tiki Cat After Dark Chicken and Duck in big or small 2.8 or 5.5 ounce cans.

5 Star Rating

Overall, Tikipets customers are happy with their products, whether they are wet, dry, treats, meal toppers or variety packs. The cat food is actually produced in a human food factory to give you an idea of the kind of quality they pursue.

The only things I saw people complain about were things that had nothing to do with quality, such as chunks of food that were too big, or because they felt it was too pricey, which it isn’t.

That being said, Tikipets is one of the best cat food companies out there, and I give them 5 Stars, hands down.

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